Cut Down on Electricity Bills with An Energy-Saving Model

Natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants can help you to:

1. Significantly reduce running costs
2. Minimise energy consumption
3. Reduce the environmental impact
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Enjoy reduced power consumption just by changing over to one of our latest models featuring these functions:

Eco-Operation and Energy Savings
Our products with this label means natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants are used to provide minimal energy consumption, reduced environmental impact and substantially lower running costs.
These refrigerants also have an extremely low global warming potential which helps organizations to meet environmental objectives.
New Inverter Compressor
Energy Efficient, Balanced Power Smart compressors, natural refrigerants and integrated electronics combine to lower your facility’s operating costs. The preservation operation is managed by the practical balance of temperature performance and energy management.
Ultimate Sample Protection
Unlike our other ultra-low temperature freezer line-up, TwinGuard ult freezers have two independent refrigeration systems to provide the highest levels of sample security.
Should one system unexpectedly fail, the other will maintain a temperature in the -70ºC range ensuring that the integrity of irreplaceable and potentially life-saving samples are not put at risk.
Innovative VIP* Technology
The VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) is an innovative insulation technology developed by PHC containing densely packed, open cell foam insulation under the vacuum panel. This configuration dramatically enhances the insulation capability of the freezer and achieves nearly 30% more storage capacity increase.
*Vacuum Insulation Panel

ULT Freezers (-86°C)

ECO Model Comparison with Older VIP ULT Models

MDF-DU502VH | 528 Liters

220-240V | Temperature Control Range: -86°C to -40°C (AT: 30°C, no load) | 528 Litres

Compared to MDF-U55V
(Conventional model)
Electricity bill
per year:
$647.04 $391.36
Power consumption: Energy saving rate 40%
Volume: 519L
*the costs are estimated in USD
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MDF-DU702VH | 729 Liters

220-240V | Temperature Control Range: -86°C to -40°C (AT: 30°C, no load) | 729 Litres

Compared to MDF-U74V
(Conventional model)
Electricity bill
per year:
$1,078.72 $449.76
Power consumption: Energy saving rate 58%
Volume: 728L
*the costs are estimated in USD
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MDF-DU901VHL | 845 Liters

220-240V | Temperature Control Range: -86°C to -50°C (AT: 30°C, no load) | 845 Litres

Compared to MDF-DU900V
(Conventional model)
Electricity bill
per year:
$922.08 $502.24
Power consumption: Energy saving rate %
Volume: 845L
*the costs are estimated in USD
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Energy Savings Table (Comparison Chart)

ULT Freezers (-86°C)

Selected Model Comparison Model Estimated Electricity Bill (Per Year) Estimated Savings (Per Year) Power Consumption (Comparison Model) Power Consumption (Selected Model) Energy Saving Rate Volume (Comparison Model) Litres Volume (Selected Model) Litres
MDF-DU502VH MDF-U55V $647.04 $255.68 4,044 kWh/y 2,446 kWh/y 40% 519L 528L
MDF-DU702VH MDF-U74V $1,078.72 $628.96 6,742 kWh/y 2,811 kWh/y 58% 728L 729L
MDF-DU901VHL MDF-DU900V $922.08 $419.84 5,763 kWh/y 3,139 kWh/y 46% 845L 845L

*Actual energy usage and savings are subject to operating conditions and electricity tariff. Price of electricity presented is in US$ with reference to Singapore Power:

LCD touch panel on TwinGuard upright freezers

The freezers are managed and monitored by an integrated microprocessor controller with a comprehensive alarm system and diagnostic functions. Status and control of parameters are accessible via an LCD information centre.
The EZlatch, on the upright models, makes access to stored samples even easier. A colour LCD touch panel allows full user control, even with gloved hands, while the USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient.


The filterless construction of the freezers reduces routine maintenance time by eliminating the need for regular cleaning of filters.


Securely store valuable and irreplaceable samples with the upmost confidence. Exceptional uniformity and greatly reduced risk of sample degradation as a result of temperature fluctuation during freezer failure.


VIP PLUS vacuum insulation provides up to 30% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer, without increasing the footprint. A glass fibre core provides advanced thermal properties and therfore outstanding energy efficiency, whilst delivering exceptional cooling performance and durability for storing valuable research and clinical samples.
*Advanced cabinet insulation technology for increased energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Model Conventional ULT
MDF-U4186S, MDF-U5386S, MDF-U7386S
EZlatch Easy Access Door Handle
Inverter Compressors
VIP PLUS Vacuum Insulation
Full Color LCD Touch Panel
Refrigerant HFC HFC HC

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