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Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, is located in Zhonghe District in New Taipei City. They began providing services in July 2008. They are a regional hospital equipped with various advanced instruments, such as the DaVinci Surgical System and Positron Emission Tomography, and offer a complete range of specialized medical services.

Shuang Ho Hospital integrates medical care and clinical research, and has an advanced level of expertise particularly in the areas of IVF, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and nervous systems. To ensure precision and stable quality of its medical services, Shuang Ho Hospital has introduced PHCbi ultra-low temperature freezers, biomedical freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators/freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators/freezers and blood bank refrigerators.

“PHCbi biomedical equipment is stable in quality and is very reliable. In addition, the distributor, SIFO, offers perfect after-sale services and the maintenance work they provide is extremely professional and timely,” says Pharmacy Department Section Chief Chang. “In particular, under the circumstances where vaccine storage requires 2-4 weeks, PHCbi equipment allows us o vaccinate people and store medicines or reagents without worry.”

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“I require a pharmacy fridge with high performance and precise temperature control.”

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators │ New All-Round Performance


Introducing PHCbi’s new Eco Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with sliding doors for reliable storage of pharmaceuticals, samples, reagents and vaccines. These new vaccine fridge focuses on precise temperature control of +2ºC to +14ºC and superior cooling performance, these pharmacy fridges provide the reassurance for medical grade storage of a variety of drugs, vaccines and medications. Paired with natural refrigerants, compressors and integrated electronics, the new eco pharmacy fridges help to reduce daily running cost.

The medical fridges are reliably enforced with useful alarm functions and double-glazing glass doors for properly forced air circulation. The new and improved ergonomic design is a space-saving design with just the right capacity suited for its sleek and slim design.

PHCbi’s pharmaceutical refrigerators for reliable storage of pharmaceuticals, samples and reagents has a new cycle defrosting system achieved 15% energy saving compared to conventional models. This system observes the defrosting condition after every cycle and prevents temperature rises that are caused by defrosting. Explore the new superior cooling performance, slim and space saving design and double-glass doors with our MPR-S163 and MPR-S313.


PHCbi’s new sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators, MPR-S300H and MPR-S150H, have improved the reduction of condensation on the glass doors. Condensation is typically caused by opening refrigerator doors too frequently, as the cool air from the equipment draws moisture out of nearby warmer air, then the moisture collects on the inside of the door surface. Condensation also causes lower thermal performance of refrigerators. Highly insulated argon gas-filled in glass panels on our new model ensures high-temperature performance and more visibility.
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“I need a medicinal fridge with a freezer for optimal versatility.”

MPR Pharmaceutical Freezer and Fridge │ Multi-Functional Choice


Providing a complete storage solution, PHCbi’s pharmaceutical fridge and freezer provide a multi-functional all-in-one unit. The MPR-N450FH/MPR-N450FSH, MPR-N250FH/MPR-N250FSH combine high-performance refrigeration with -20 ºC to -30 ºC temperature freezing environment in an eco-friendly new version. These two models are flexible, reliable and convenient for sample storage. To minimize the environmental footprint, these models were built with natural refrigerants to be a sustainable medical grade storage solution ideal for even vaccine storage and storage of pharmaceuticals and medicines.

“I am looking to store lots of vaccines and medicines.”

MPR Pharmacy Fridge │ Large Storage Capacity With Optional Drawers


Introducing PHCbi’s Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with drawer option. The refrigerators deliver stable and reliable temperature control for clinical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical storage and processing. With a focus on precise temperature control, door opening and closures have a quick recovery time for consistent and uniform temperature. The fast recovery time assures safe storage even with frequent access and high ambient conditions and removes heat loads generated by powered instruments.

Even while accommodating large storage capacity, the built-in air circulation blower assists in directing air downwards to allow circulation in the back, side and front of the load-in drawers or shelves. The uniform temperature across all areas inside the medical grade fridge to assure repeatability of stored product viability.

The MPR series supplies high-volume capacity storage with two types of inventory management styles: wired shelves or drawers. The pharmacy fridges with drawers are equipped with heavy-duty, fully extendable painted steel pull-pull out drawers for more convenient access to the store product such as large bottles or reagent kits.

The spacious capacity meets versatile requirements of pharmaceutical refrigeration, from small-variety packages to large-variety packages. PHCbi’s plenum design features uniform cold air flow distribution throughout the chamber to ensure temperature uniformity- essential for validated storage requirements. Paired with a hermetic compressor, specifically designed to provide powerful and rapid cooling to maintain proper temperature level.

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“I’m looking for an entry-grade refrigerator for general laboratory storage.”

LPR Laboratory Refrigerator│ Cost-Effective Option with Same High Quality Standards


The LPR laboratory fridge is the new cost-effective option that meets laboratory requirements and needs. The entry-grade laboratory fridge performs with ease with a reliable uniform temperature ranges of +4°C to +14°C.

A refrigerator that is designed for general laboratory storage with user-friendly features. The combination of temperature control accutemperature uniformity, quick recovery and resistance to high ambient temperracy, interior ature delivers a quality storage refrigerator that characterizes our commitment to engineering, storage safety and reliability.

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MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators for Drug and Vaccine Storage Comparison Chart

Informative Technical Documents Available:

The use of non-compliant household or domestic refrigerators for pharmaceutical storage is unsafe and costly. It creates liabilities for any audited dispensing pharmacy or health agency that cannot assure the efficacy of vaccines associated with government funded programs or other public health initializes.

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It’s the ‘Quality of Cold’ that determines the efficacy of internal storage conditions. Our pharmaceutical refrigerators, biomedical freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerator with freezer combo, represent more than fifty years of engineering excellence in cold chain storage and temperature controlled products.

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Lineup MPR-S163/
MPR-N450FH MPR-N250FH MPR-715F MPR-722/
Capacity (Liters)
Capacity (Liters)
326 / F: 136 179 / F: 80 415 / F:176 684/
+2ºC to +14ºC +2ºC to +14ºC
Freezer: -20ºC to -30 ºC
+2ºC to +23ºC +2ºC to +14ºC +4ºC to +14ºC
Door Type
Door Type
Slide Slide Swing Swing Swing Swing Swing Slide Slide Swing
Shelf Type
Shelf Type
Wire Wire Wire Wire Wire Wire Drawer Wire Drawer Wire
Shelf Type
No Glass
Function MPR-S163/
MPR-N450FH MPR-N250FH MPR-715F MPR-722/

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  • Inverter Control for optimal freezer operation
    Inverter Compressors
    Inverter Compressors maximise cooling performance and reduce energy consumption.
  • Natural Refrigerants
    Natural Refrigerants
    Naturally occurring hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants improve performance and reduce running costs.

The reason why PHCbi Laboratory Freezers were selected over 50 years

Our History and Achievement

We launched Life Science business in 1966. Our products including preservation equipment (Laboratory Freezers, Ultra Low Freezers) and incubation equipment (Cell Culture Incubators, Microbiological Incubators) are now being used in various customers & facilities such as universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in 110 countries worldwide. For more information, please refer to customer's testimonial.

Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator model in 1966, we have taken advantage of this technology to create exceptional products and services with a high degree of quality and reliability. We have worked to meet the expectations of customers in the medical and life science fields under both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands. As before, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and top-class services. See our commitment to the Quality.

*1 Source: “Latest Trends and Future Prospects in Tissue Engineering Markets 2018” by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (based on 2017 performance by volume) *2 Source: “Global Lab Equipment Market Assessment 2017” by Frost & Sullivan (based on 2016 performance)

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