Stable and Reliable Temp. control for Pharmaceutical storages

Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerants for lower running cost & energy consumption

MPR-S150H / MPR-S300H / MPR-S500H | ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

■ Accurate temperature control from +2ºC to +14ºC
■ High cooling performance
■ Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerants
■ Inverter controlled compressor
■ Digital display with USB port for data logging
■ Various safety alarm functions
■ Condensation Proof Design of the front glass door

The professional cold storage for medicines that can safely store a wide variety of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medicines in an optimal environment. It is also an ingenious way to reduce daily running costs.
The new ergonomic design is easy for anyone to use and combines the space-saving and capacity.

( MPR-S1201XH / MPR-S1201RXH only )

Condensation-Reducing Mechanisms for Glass Surfaces Three Measures to Significantly Reduce Condensation:

The sliding glass door is meticulously designed to increase energy efficiency and safeguards stored items against heat transfer through the window.

The thermal glass door has a Low-E coating and features a double glass pane separated by argon gas.

Together with heat coming from the heated top and warm air emitted from the air vents near the sliding glass door rail, it prevents the formation of moisture on the glass surface.

Note: Depending on the usage environment, condensation may occur on the door sash, glass, upper part of the main unit rail, and lower part of the main unit rail.

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ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator MPR-S150H MPR-S300H

Product Name ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Model No. MPR-S150H MPR-S300H MPR-S500H MPR-S500RH
Capacity(L) 165 345 554 550
Temp. Range(°C) 2 ~ 14 °C 2 ~ 14 °C 2 ~ 14 °C 2 ~ 14 °C
Shelves/Drawers Wire shelves Wire shelves Wire shelves Chamber Left side: Wire shelves/Right side: Drawers
Door Type Glass door Glass door Glass door Glass door

Save electricity costs by replacing with energy-efficient models.

MPR-N250FH / MPR-N250FSH / MPR-N450FH / MPR-N450FSH | ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

■ Multifunctional all-in-one
■ Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerants
■ High-performance cold storage and freezer in one
■ Freezer temp. control range -30 °C to -20 °C

Natural refrigerants are used to minimize environmental impact, making it an ideal and sustainable low-temperature storage solution for vaccines, medicines, and pharmaceuticals. Ultra-low temperature freezers are available for vaccines and other products that need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures.

Product Name ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer
Capacity (L) Refrigerator: 179
Freezer: 80
Freezer: 80
Freezer: 136
Freezer: 136
Temp. Range(°C) 2 ~ 14 °C
Freezer: -30 ~ -20 °C
2 ~ 14 °C
Freezer: -30 ~ -20 °C
2 ~ 14 °C
Freezer: -30 ~ -20 °C
2 ~ 14 °C
Freezer: -30 ~ -20 °C
Door Type With glass window Solid With glass window Solid

Efficient storage and management of large quantities of refrigerated chemicals and culture media

MPR-722 / MPR-1412 Series | Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

■ Drawer type also available
■ Accurate temperature control
■ Quick temp. recovery after door opening and closing
■ Large capacity
■ Vertical, forced air circulation with blower creates a uniform temperature at all shelf or drawer levels.

Stable and reliable temperature control for storage of clinical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals. Designed to maintain temperature uniformity throughout the cold storage area.

Swing doors, service outlets and freely removable shelves ideal for chromatography

The MPR-722/1412 can freely adjust the position of the shelf to accommodate column chromatographs and other laboratory equipment.The shelves have a load capacity of 50 kg and are designed to accommodate and operate chromatographs or analytical equipment inside. In addition, two service outlets are located on the top of the unit for power supply for experiments in the chamber.

Product Name Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Model No. MPR-722 MPR-722R MPR-1412 MPR-1412R
Capacity(L) 684 671 1364 1359
Temp. Range(°C) 2 ~ 23 °C 2 ~ 23 °C 2 ~ 23 °C 2 ~ 23 °C
Shelf/Drawer Wiring shelves Drawers Wiring shelves Drawers
Door type Glass Glass Glass Glass

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