JRI Wireless Monitoring Solutions




The complete line of PHC Europe B.V. products includes an array of laboratory equipment with the most advanced technology, controls, construction and performance attributes in the industry. PHC stands for quality and control and our customers expect nothing less. To add even more control we co-promote a cloud-based temperature monitoring solution for a wide range of applications: JRI MySirius Wireless temperature monitoring Wireless monitoring solutions.

This cloud-based temperature monitoring solution is adapted to a wide range of applications. Monitoring of storage areas: warehouses, cold rooms, thermostatic or climatic chambers, fridges, freezers, incubators. JRI MySirius is compatible with the Nano SPY wireless data loggers that are perfectly fit to meet the needs of temperature and humidity monitoring of storage areas and during transport. The LoRa® SPY range of wireless sensors equipped with LoRaWAN long-range technology ensures tracking temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters and allows to monitor storage areas scattered over a large territory and perform real-time monitoring. Data collected by the temperature data loggers and sensors are managed on the JRI MySirius monitoring web platform, via any type of terminal: PC, tablet, smartphone. The application can also be installed in local mode or on your servers. Meet requirements of the ISO 17025 and ISO EN 15 189 standards with reliable and accurate measurements thanks to the next generation of Nano SPY and LoRa SPY connected
sensors !