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Long Range Connected Sensors


Long Range Connected Sensors

LoRa SPY Long Range Connected Sensors

The LoRa® SPY connected sensors ensure a wireless monitoring for temperature and other environmental parameters. Based on the LoRa™ technology, the sensors are designed for monitoring equipments and thermo-sensitive products during transport and storage thanks to the long distance coverage offered by LoRa Alliance Operators (telecom) or by a Micro Gateway private network data transmission module. The JRI MySirius web application allows you to monitor and manage your data on a unique platform, specifically tailored to answer needs of the user's job. LoRa® SPY are compatible with the wireless temperature monitoring solution JRI MySirius.

  • Radio range up to 16 km in open field
  • Very low power consumption: battery life up to 2 years
  • Direct reading on the LCD display

Data transmission via the LoRaWAN network:

  • via the network of a private gateway
  • via the network of a telecom operator member of LoRa Alliance

Particularly suitable for monitoring:

  • Sites with low sensor concentration
  • Storage areas spread on a wide territory
  • A need of real-time transportation (if operator network available)


JRI MySirius A modular and customizable supervision platform

Measurements are automatically uploaded to the secure JRI MySirius Cloud to be hosted and operated on a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

  • Access to data 24/7: Your data is accessible wherever you are and you can share it with your colleagues over different countries.
  • Programmed updates to give you more time to prepare your partial qualifications and training of your teams. (JRI cloud-based version only)
  • Data integration in third party software (via web API)
  • Mobile apps to view measurements and manage alerts

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