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Isothermal Carousel Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

Why is dry storage important?

Safety. Storage in liquid nitrogen can make vials shrink. This may cause liquid nitrogen to seep into the vials, which on re-warming, expand and subsequently explode as nitrogen vaporizes inside the vials. Dry storage eliminates this possibility. Also, the Isothermal design provides added user safety by eliminating contact with or splashing of liquid nitrogen.

Cross Contamination.

Studies have shown that viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens can survive after suspension in liquid nitrogen. Infected samples can cross contaminate other samples in the same liquid nitrogen tank. Dry storage greatly reduces the possibility of cross contamination.

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  • Rotation of the carousel by the unique ratchet handle on top of the freezer reduces operator hazard.
  • Easily remove on rack at a time.
  • No need to remove one rack to get the one needed.
  • No unnecessary exposure to room temperature helps to maintain critical temperature stability.
  • Square lid opening allows access to square racks and helps reduce LN2 consumption.
  • Removable console allows access to storage area in case of emergency.


LN2 Capacity (Liters): 140
Weight Empty lbs(kg): 997 (452)
Weight Full lbs(kg): 1,247 (566)


  • No need to remove one rack to retrieve another
  • No unnecessary exposure to room temperatures
  • Carousel is rotated from outside of the freezer eliminating the risk of injury or temperature fluctuations
  • Exceptional temperature uniformity
  • Easy access to samples from the front of the freezer
  • Removable console allows for complete access to the sample storage space if necessary
  • CBS Isothermal Carousel freezers are cooled by a PATENTED liquid nitrogen jacket, with no liquid in the sample storage space
  • The only TRUE DRY STORAGE FREEZER available
  • No risk of cross-contamination  through liquid nitrogen contact of the need for special packaging
  • The isothermal design also provides added user-safety eliminating contact or splashing

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Liquid Nitrogen Capacity 140 ltr
Static Evaporation Rate 11 ltr/days
Static Holding Time 12 days
External dimensions (WxDxH) 1194 x 1372x 1384 mm
Usable interior height 813 mm
Usable interior diameter 978 mm
Weight empty 452 kg
Weight full 566 kg
Max. vial capacity (2ml) 42000
Max. blood bag capacity (50ml) 1968