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Lab 20 Nitrogen Tank


20 liter LN2 lab tank

The LAB Series dewars use high efficiency super-insulation and aluminium construction to make them lightweight and the most efficient containers available. Their shape and handles make them easy to lift and pour. The LAB Series dewars can also be fitted with pouring spouts, withdrawal devices, or dippers to aid in liquid nitrogen transfer.

PHC Europe B.V. also offers five other sizes of the same type LAB nitrogen tank:

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Liquid Nitrogen Capacity 21 ltr
Static Evaporation Rate 0.18 ltr/days
Static Holding Time 116.7 days
Weight Empty 9 kg
Weight Full 26 kg
Max. vial capacity (2ml)
Neck Opening 51 mm
Overall Height 627 mm
Outside Diameter 368 mm
Overall opening
Outside opening
Interior Diameter 289 mm
Usable Height 348 mm