Isothermal LN2 Freezers

S-90AB LN2 Storage system


Standard LN2 Storage system

Custom Biogenic Systems Cryopreservation Systems are designed to meet temperature, storage and security specifications required by laboratories storing frozen samples at cryogenic temperatures. Five liquid nitrogen freezers are available ranging in sizes from 90 litres to 720 litres, with sample storage capacities up to 40,000, 2 ml vials or over 3,500 blood bags.

Each unit includes a liquid level auto-fill and alarm system to provide security, ease of operation, plus flexibility to operate vapour storage, immersion storage or a combination of both to store any type or size of sample. An extensive selection of standard inventory racks or canisters and frames are available to complete the system. Custom configurations can also be designed to fit any requirements.

PHC Europe B.V. also offers four other sizes of the same type LN2 Storage system:

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Liquid Nitrogen Capacity 90 ltr
Static Evaporation Rate 2.75 ltr/days
Static Holding Time 33 days
External dimensions (WxDxH) 457 x 457x 965 mm
Usable interior height 711 mm
Usable interior diameter 406 mm
Weight empty 36 kg
Weight full 109 kg
Max. vial capacity (2ml) 5832
Max. blood bag capacity (50ml) 266