MIR Cooled Incubators

Versatile MIR cooled incubators meet a wide range of experimental needs with expanded temperature control range and enhanced functions. PHCbi's MIR cooled incubators have been recognised as units suitable for a wide range of applications. The wide variety of temperatures and lighting patterns that are essential in biological research and environmental studies can now be accurately reproduced and controlled.

Programmable Operation Function with Microprocessor Control

Combining flexible Temperature (H), Light ON/OFF (L) and Time control (T), a maximum 12-step plus constant operation or max. 12-step repeating operation can be programmed according to the experimentation requirements. A program can be set to repeat for a minimum of one time to a maximum of 98 times or continuous repeat. Program input is simple and the incubator accommodates a range of diversified experimentation requirements, proving ideal for experimentation during night time and holidays, experimentation that requires settings to be changed, microorganism culture and preservation.

A MIR cooled incubator can also offer the choice of timer mode, 24-hour Clock mode and Timer mode to suit user experiments. Up to 10 programs can be stored for convenient retrieval and set-up of frequently run experiments. Individual programs can be combined using the Join function. Constant operation mode without step operation is also available.

  • Wide Temperature Control Range from -10°C to +60°C
  • Precise Microprocessor Temperature Control
Intuitive Operation with New LCD Display
  • Easy operability with LCD display and pop up menu
  • 24-hour Clock mode and Timer mode are selectable.
  • Combination of multiple programs in Join function
  • Programmable operation start date and hour
  • Operation data can be auto-recorded and graphically displayed.
  • Data can be sent to PC using optional communication interface (MTR-480)
  • Chamber Light ON-OFF control
Condensation Prevention (MIR-554 only)

A humidity reduction mode helps reduce inner chamber condensation that may occur during high temperature operation.

Prevents Medium from Dessication (MIR-154, 254 only)

A DC fan is designed to be aimed obliquely upward to prevent direct air flow contacting samples. This reduces medium drying by approx. 50% in MIR-154, and by approx. 15%in MIR-254.

Meticulous Design for Comfortable Operation

New MIRs are crafted with a comfortable rounded corner design and offer a reversible door for a choice of left- or right-hand door opening. Low vibration setting is also available depending on the sample to be cultured. (Reversible door is unavailable for MIR-554.)

Energy Savings

In addition to a microprocessor-controlled high efficient heater output and compressor ON/OFF, a renewal control program and low heat-emission inner chamber fan are newly adopted incorporated to allow high energy saving operation over a wider range of ambient environments.

Automatic Defrosting

To combat annoying frost during low temperature operation, MIRs provide an automatic defrost function that operates automatically at a specified time every day. Manual defrosting is also selectable.

Light Timer Control

On-Off programmed timer control for standard equipped fluorescent light (15W x 1pc) is available. Optional light addition kit (MIR-L15) can add three more fluorescent lights into the chamber ceiling, giving approx. 3000 lux at 30cm below from the light sources.

Environmentally Conscious

Microprocessor controlled optimum control results in high energy savings and a HCFCfree foamed-in-place rigid polyurethane insulator also helps save energy.

Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm

When the chamber temperature deviates more than ±1°C to ±5°C, all digits of the digital indicator flash. 15 minutes (default) later a buzzer will sound. This system also automatically allows programmed operation or setting value changes.

Independent Over-Temperature Protection Device

This cooled incubator incorporates an excessive temperature prevention circuit that protects experimentation materials in the rare event that a temperature abnormality does occur. This system turns off the heater and chamber fan motor when too high a temperature is detected, and turns off the compressor when too low a temperature is detected.

Programmed Memory Backup Mechanism

Should the power source be interrupted due to power failure or other event, programmed data remains stored in memory. When the power source is restored, operation can be continued according to the predetermined program.

Automatic Return Buzzer Switch

After an abnormality occurs, the alarm automatically switches to the ON mode, even if the operator forgets to return the alarm buzzer to the ON mode, thus ensuring safe and secure operation.

Tamper Proof

A key lock function is provided so that settings may not be changed unintentionally.

Self Diagnostic Function

Should a malfunction occur, the location of the malfunction can be digitally indicated, allowing quick operator response.