MIR Cooled Incubator

Versatile All-round Performance for a Wide Range of Applications

Your samples deliver vital data for that research. Those samples are unique, valuable, and irreplaceable. The MIR Cooled Incubator Models meets a wide range of experimental needs with control over an expansive temperature range. Our company has also engineered the MIR Cooled Incubator Models to accommodate the needs of various applications utilizing lighting patterns to allow accurately reproduced and controlled results. PHCbi has kept three important main features in mind when developing MIR Cooled Incubator Models:

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Main Features

High-Precision Temperature Control

The MIR Cooled Incubators were engineered to have a wide temperature control range from -10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius for precise experimental testing that can be applied to environmental tests, microorganism cultures and plant germination tests.

Ease of Repetitive Operation

Designed to help ease repetitive operations, the incubators have a 12-step program installed that can allow for up to 99 continuous experimentation testing.

Sample Protection and Security

The MIR Cooled Incubators are equipped with a tamper proof locking mechanism to avoid unintentional changes as well as a programmed memory backup mechanism should the power source be interrupted. In the instance that abnormalities were to occur, an alarm as well as an independent protection device will activate.

MIR Cooled Incubator Models

The MIR Cooled Incubator are versatile incubators designed to meet a wide range of experimental needs with expanded temperature control range for your applications. To learn more about each model's specifications, download the brochure here.



Below showcases the performance data for three of our MIR Cooled Incubator models:

Case Studies and Testimonials

PHCbi has continued to support the advancement of medical treatment since 1966. Through our diligent efforts to create new value propositions, while keeping quality and innovation in mind, our wish is to provide better health for everyone. Learn more.

Scientific and Industrial Applications

  • Incubation of cells and microorganisms for microbiology
  • Yeast growth
  • Growth of bacteria and testing for bacterial research
  • Storage of liquid samples and media
  • Animal egg incubation
  • Pharmaceutical stability testing
  • Quality testing of food and beverage
  • BOD testing
  • Water pollution testing
  • Temperature characteristics testing for electronics (semiconductors etc.)
  • Battery cycle testing
  • Aging test
  • Storage of printing pastes, organic solvents and inks
  • Stability testing for soaps and detergents
  • Curing testing for epoxy resin and plastics
  • Environmental testing for chemical compounds

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