MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators | Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators is your solution for storage of the most demanding pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines, and for other temperature-sensitive applications. Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator in Japan in 1966, PHCbi has been using our years of expertise with cutting-edge technology to create high-quality and reliable pharmaceutical refrigerators.

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MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with Freezer

Providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit

The MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with Freezer combines high-performance refrigeration with a -30°C freezing environment within a small footprint for flexible, reliable and convenient sample storage.

  • Optimum Temperature Distribution
  • Excellent Stability
  • Precise Control & Monitoring
  • New!! ECO model MPR-N450FH(Glass door) & MPR-N450FSH(Solid door) contains Natural refrigerants with Inverter compressors for Cost Saving
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PHCbi Pharmaceutical refrigerator with Freezer MPR-215F MPR-715F

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (Swing Door)

PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Swing Door type
Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications
  • MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (Swing Door) are large-capacity refrigerators well suited for laboratories or factories.
  • The interior is spacious enough to accommodate even column chromatography apparatus or fraction collectors.
  • The quiet, 120 mm diameter fan ensures an even temperature throughout the cabinet.
  • Temperature range is 2 - 23℃ (in ambient temperature 0 - 35℃) or 2 - 14℃ (in ambient temperature -5 - 0℃)
  • The [R] models are fitted with pull-out drawers.
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MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (Sliding Door)

Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications
  • MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (Sliding Door) were manufactured with strict temperature maintenance in mind, making them suitable for storing pharmaceuticals.
  • The sliding door design saves valuable space, especially for installment in tight spaces such as small pharmacies.
  • The ergonomic design provides a clear view of stored items through the large framed windows.
  • Temperature range is 2 - 14℃ (in ambient temperature 5 - 35℃).
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PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Sliding Door type

Product Features

Uniform temperature
  • Temperature uniformity throughout the refrigerator ensures that all samples are stored in identical conditions.
  • Our Forced Air Circulation technology quickly restores temperature uniformity even with frequent door opening.
  • Coupled with fast-response microprocessor temperature control, these ensure a stable environment for biological samples.
Cycle Defrost function for stable temperature
  • The stable temperature control of our professional pharmaceutical fridge is suitable for even the most temperature-sensitive samples.
  • The Cycle Defrost system design ensures that defrost occurs only when necessary and is not based on time. This system runs automatically by constantly monitoring temperature increase during defrost to ensure that there is minimal temperature spiking.
  • The evaporation heater also adds additional protection against excessive decrease in cabinet temperature, which can be caused by low ambient temperature.
Reduce risk with advanced monitoring and safety features
  • Comprehensive set point, alarm monitoring, and diagnostic functions are supervised by the microprocessor controller with digital display of all input/output functions.
  • Visual and audible signals alert users to any abnormal conditions, enabling them to take prompt action.
  • Remote alarm contact ensures added peace of mind even during non-working hours.
Quiet operation

The MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators operate quietly, with little noise disruption in any working environment.

Scientific Applications

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are designed specifically for laboratory storage applications, which make them ideally suited for:

  • Temperature-sensitive samples
  • Reagents and test kits
  • Diagnostic samples
  • Clinical trial samples
  • Vaccines, drugs, medicines and pharmaceutical products
  • Chemicals
  • Temperature-dependent experimental systems
  • Quality Control testing


MPR-215F, MPR-414F
Refrigerator/ Freezer
Refrigerator/ Freezer
MPR-S163, MPR-S313
Sliding door (150 / 350 liters class)
Large Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

The reason why PHCbi Laboratory Freezers were selected over 50 years

Our History and Achievement

We launched Life Science business in 1966. Our products including preservation equipment (Laboratory Freezers, Ultra Low Freezers) and incubation equipment (Cell Culture Incubators, Microbiological Incubators) are now being used in various customers & facilities such as universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in 110 countries worldwide. For more information, please refer to customer's testimonial.

Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator model in 1966, we have taken advantage of this technology to create exceptional products and services with a high degree of quality and reliability. We have worked to meet the expectations of customers in the medical and life science fields under both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands. As before, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and top-class services. See our commitment to the Quality.
*1 Source: “Latest Trends and Future Prospects in Tissue Engineering Markets 2018” by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (based on 2017 performance by volume)
*2 Source: “Global Lab Equipment Market Assessment 2017” by Frost & Sullivan (based on 2016 performance)

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