About PHCbi

Life Science Innovator Since 1966


In April 2018, Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to PHC Holdings Corporation, and our Biomedical Products are now marketed under our newly launched PHCbi brand.

The “bi” part of our new brand PHCbi is not only a shortened form of the word “biomedical” but also represents both our strength and philosophy as an abbreviation of “biomedical innovation.”

Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator model in 1966, we have taken advantage of this technology to create exceptional products and services with a high degree of quality and reliability. We have worked to meet the expectations of customers in the medical and life science fields under both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands.

While the company and brand names may have changed, there are no key changes. As before, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and top-class services.
In addition, we will continue to provide after-sales service and maintenance for our biomedical products previously sold under the Sanyo and Panasonic brands.