Energy Star 23.7 cu.ft. Upright Laboratory Refrigerator


Effective capacity
23.7 cu.ft. (671 L)
Temperature range
2℃ to 23℃

Model MPR-721R-PA Features

Cycle Defrost System

Defrosting is performed automatically during compressor "off" cycles by sensing frost levels. This ensures defrosting is performed only when required which protects contents against unnecessary temperature rise. The defrosting heater also acts as an emergency heat source to prevent samples from freezing in extremely low ambient temperature conditions (below 0°C).

Uniformity with Forced Air Circulation

The fan-forced air circulation and efficient temperature recovery properties allow for precise temperature uniformity.

Efficient and Powerful Upright Laboratory Refrigerator

A highly efficient hermetic compressor provides efficient cooling and maintains the set temperature level. A thermistor sensor monitors temperature inside the chamber while the microprocessor and electronic temperature controls ensure the set temperature is maintained. The double, 4.7" diameter fans create a double flow system to ensure even temperatures throughout the cabinet and fast recovery after door openings.

Microprocessor Controller and Alarms

PHCbi's temperature control system, with microprocessor, reliably maintains temperature at the set level and is unaffected by outside ambient temperature. Audible and flashing LED visual alarms alert you to the unlikely event of either a high or low temperature condition.

Versatile Design

This Energy Star® Certified industrial refrigerator comes with adjustable shelves and a wide setpoint range for varying laboratory applications, including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage. The interior layout flexibility makes them ideal for running experiments that require changeable shelf configurations. The shelves can be arranged to accommodate tall apparatuses, such as fraction collectors, and are deep and strong enough to hold most devices.

The "R" model is fitted with stainless steel pull out drawers. These drawers are deep enough to hold large bottles of reagent kits. They also allow convenient and space efficient storage.


Energy Star Certified Industrial Refrigerator

The MPR-721R-PA is an upright pharma refrigerator which offers a stable and reliable environment for carrying out clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial research at uniform temperatures. A user-friendly design and flexible temperature setpoint allow for application in various laboratory procedures including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage.

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EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 30.3" W x 36.2" D x 76.8" H (770 x 920 x 1955 mm)*
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS 25.6" W x 28.0" D x 59.0" H (650 x 710 x 1500 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY 23.7 cu.ft. (671 L)
INSULATION Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
DRAWERS 5 Roll out solid drawers
ACCESS PORT 3: Left/right sides, ceiling (1.1" (30 mm) diameter)
COMPRESSOR Hermetic type, Output; 200 W
EVAPORATOR Fin and tube type
ALARMS High temperature, low temperature, door ajar, power failure
NET WEIGHT 425 lbs (193 kg)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor Control System
AREA FOOTPRINT 9.08 sq.ft. (0.84 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert Monitoring System
SOUND LEVEL 42 dB(A) (background noise 20 dB(A))
DEFROSTING Forced type (cycle defrost system); Fully automatic hot pipe for automatic evaporation for chain water
*Consult product sales rep for doorway entry instructions, less than 36.2"


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