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Please review our personal information usage policy.

Please review the following personal information usage policy. If you accept the terms of the policy, click the "I agree" button and proceed to input your inquiry.
*Please note: if you do not accept the terms of the policy, you will be unable to send an inquiry.

Regarding the use of personal Information
1) Administrator
Manager, Personal Information Inquiry Desk, PHC Holdings Corporation
2) Purpose of the use of personal information
Provided personal information will be used in answering to the inquiry.
3) Disclosure of personal information
When it is determined that your inquiry has to be handled by a PHC Group company, your name as well as contact and other information may be supplied to that group company in hard copy (paper) or electric form.
You are able to request that your personal information shall not be shared with any other group companies.
4) Assigning the use of personal information to third parties
Use of all or part of the personal information gathered via this website may be assigned to third parties when necessary for the purpose set forth above.
5) Disclosure of personal information and the Personal Information Inquiry Desk
Upon your request, we will; notify the purpose of use, correct errors, add and delete information, cease the use of the information, delete all information, and cease to provide the information. Please inform such requests to the following contact number.
Personal Information Inquiry Desk, PHC Holdings Corporation
Tel: +81-570-003984
6) Instructions for entering your personal information
a) Please make sure to complete all required fields.
b) Please state your inquiry as specific as possible.
c) You may receive a response by telephone.
d) Please allow us to spend necessary time before responding.
e) Handling of inquiry sent on weekends, public holidays, and during the New Year's and summer holiday seasons may have to be handled on or after the next regular business day.
f) Please note that copyright law prohibits transmission or secondary use of responses provided without permission, both in part or in whole.
7) Gathering personal information that is not apparent to the individual concerned
We do not use cookies, web beacons, or other methods for gathering personal information that are not apparent to the users.

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