Manufacturing Base and Certification

Our quality improvement activities

Japan factory

Established in 1959 as the Tokyo Manufacturing Site of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., this is our core factory which has the Product Technology Development/Design Department, Quality Assurance Department, and Production Department.

The PHC employees are engaged in the development, quality assurance, and production of products of PHCbi. Within the facility, we have many environmental testing laboratories, and these are used for stringent product screening with the aim of studying technology development and maintaining quality.

In addition, at the "MONOZUKURI-Dojo," whose purpose is to pass down the legacy of traditional technology, we are carrying out various kinds of training to improve skills such as brazing capillary tubes of Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, etc., requiring a high level of skill.


Indonesia Factory

In May 1995, PT Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Indonesia opened an Indonesian factory.
Since its founding, its integrated production system has created audiovisual equipment, such as video players, televisions, and video cameras. In fiscal 2011, it started production of biomedical equipment as PT Panasonic Healthcare Indonesia.
At present, the company produces 3,000,000 units of PHC Group blood glucose meters annually, and about 3,000 units of other products, including PHCbi CO2 incubators and Biomedical Freezers.

The company is concerned with concerned with the development, quality assurance, and manufacture of PHCbi products.
When it comes to the things that we place prime importance on—product quality and reliability to satisfy our customers—the company utilizes the manufacturing ingenuity it has built up over the years, while also using the management methods it has inherited from the Japanese factory.


Global regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical affairs, safety, and environment

We are committed to compliance with the laws and regulations for pharmaceutical affairs, safety and environmental protection. For example, our products adhere to the Pharmaceuticals abd Medical Devices Act in Japan for ensuring quality and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the MDD (Medical Device Directive) / MDR (Medical Device Regulation) in Europe. In addition, we comply with fluorinated gases regulations (US: Significant New Alternatives Policy, Europe: F-gas Regulation), pursuing environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

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