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Designed to meet strict criteria and required specifications

Our Blood Bank Refrigerator MBR series ensures stable and reliable temperature control utilizing PHCbi original technology cultivated in Japan manufacturing site during our long-stand history. A special highly efficient compressor designed and developed by PHCbi provides rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model.

Ultimately stable and reliable temperature control
  • Monitor bottle temperature measurement method:
    Temperature is controlled by two sensors located in the liquid monitor bottles, which are in the shape of a blood bag (for MBR-305GR/705GR/1405GR type).
  • Temperature control accuracy 4ºC+/-1ºC:
    Temperature controller using thermistor sensor contributes to ultimately precise temp. control (for MBR-107DH/506DH).
  • Multi air-flow plenum system ensures excellent temp. uniformity in larger capacity models (MBR-705GR/1405GR).
  • Temp. maintained defrost designed with thermal sensors and heaters on the evaporator, all under precise microprocessor control.
User friendly design
  • Fluorescent interior lamp with ON/OFF switch and a large view window in the outer door provide a clear view of stored items.
  • Easy-to-use rounded door latch, Pad lock can be fit in addition to original key (for MBR-705GR).
  • Digital display is easy to see and is calibratable through the control panel (for MBR-305GR/705GR/1405GR).
  • Filterless construction eliminates bothersome filter cleaning (except for large MBR-1405GR).
Alarm and safety functions
  • Audible and flashing LED visual alarms with remote alarm contact, in case of power failure, high or low temperature or any thermal sensor abnormality.
  • Door alarm and key lock are standard features.
  • Re-activating buzzer, lamp and remote alarm contact.
  • Built-in temperature recorder.

Worry free Cycle Defrosting System

With PHCbi's Cycle Defrost System, defrosting is performed automatically during compressor off cycles, and by sensing frost levels. This way defrosting is performed only when required, further protecting the contents against unnecessary temperature rise. The defrosting heater also acts as an emergency heat source to prevent samples from freezing. (for all MBR models)

Inner doors of PHCbi MBR series

Precise and uniform temperature by construction
  • Separated acrylic inner doors minimize cold air loss and leakage from inside and assure controlled temperature.
  • Outer door is highly insulated by rigid polyurethane foamed-in-place and double or triple layer glass window.
Other features
  • Optional basket for blood bag available.
  • Environmentally friendly, MBR series feuature commercially available HCFC-free, HFC refrigerants and HCFC-free insulation.

Drawer type

The GR type with stainless still roll-out drawers covers 3 line-up depends on capacity (300 liters, 600 liters and 1300 liters class). 

  • Temperature accuracy: 4ºC +/- 1.5ºC
  • Temperature is controlled by the sensors located in the liquid-loaded monitor bottles simulated to blood bag shape.
  • Multi air-flow system: Chamber air circulated by inner fan and plenum with multiple air intake and exhaust vent.
  • 1/7/32-day circular recorder is standard equipment.

Models PHCbi Blood Bank Fridge GR-type

Shelf type

The DH type with adjustable shelves and stainless interior cabinet covers 2 line-up depends on capacity (80 liters and 400 liters class). 

  • Temperature accuracy: 4ºC +/- 1ºC
  • MBR-107DH is slim and compact size which fits various locations such as an operating room for temporary storage of whole blood.
  • MBR-506DH mounts 5 acrylic inner doors which are divided into every location of shelf. The construction minimizes the loss of cold air and maintains quality of stored blood.
  • 32-day circular recorder is standard equipment.
  • 79 liters | 32 bags (450ml) | MBR-107DH
  • 425 liters | 120 bags (450ml) | MBR-506DH

  • PHCbi Blood Bank Fridge DH-type


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    *1 Source: “Latest Trends and Future Prospects in Tissue Engineering Markets 2018” by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (based on 2017 performance by volume)
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