INCUBATION Product Technology

Direct Heat and Air Jacket system


Fluctuations in temperature impact the metabolism of cells and affect various parameters including adhesion, protein expression and proliferation. Therefore cell cultures exposed to variable temperatures cannot be considered viable in regulated environments.

In IncuSafe incubators, temperature reliability is ensured using a patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket, which encloses the chamber in high density foam insulation. This system prevents condensation and protects against ambient temperature fluctuations and ‘cold-spots’. Gentle fan circulation maintains uniform heating, delivering regular temperatures to all cultures regardless of their placement.


The direct heating system ensures highly reactive temperature control in response to door openings. Direct heating is provided by three independent heating sources surrounding the chamber; in the top and rear wall, in the chamber base and in the outer door. All of these are controlled by the microprocessor. The outer door heater warms the inner glass door relative to ambient conditions, preventing condensation and promoting temperature uniformity.

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