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Zirconia sensor

Optimum O2 Levels for Multigas Incubators with Zirconia O2 Sensors

zirconia O2 control

IncuSafe Multigas Incubators offer a non-depleting design for precise O2 control with fast response to door openings. The maintenance-free zirconia solid-state sensor has a high degree of precision, a long service life, and does not require fine adjustment. Through accurate determination of the chamber O2 level the microprocessor injects either nitrogen gas or oxygen as required.

Functioning of Zirconia

The O2 sensor used by PHCbi is using Zirconia Ceramic as a media to measure the O2 concentration in our equipment. This results in a sensor with non-moving parts with a long-life track record.

The Zirconia element is heated up to over 400 degrees using electricity. This makes it possible for the Zirconia be conductive to electricity. This way the actual low voltage signal of the Sensor is capable of transferring electrodes from 1 side of the Zirconia element to the other side. Creating a currency value, that is then converted into an O2 percentage value. Low currency signal, means low O2 percentage, High currency signal, means high O2 signal.

When there is low amount of contact with O2, there is low amount of transport of electrodes from 1 side to the other side, creating low currency signal that is then transferred into a percentage value. A low percentage value.


When the O2 levels are high, there is more transportation of electrodes from one side to the other over the zirconia element creating a higher voltage signal that is then transferred into a higher O2 percentage.
The zirconia ceramic element is a solid reliable part that has proven to be stable for many years.

The following multi gas incubators feature the zirconia sensor:

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