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MIR Cooled Incubators

MIR Cooled Incubators

Many test and experimentation protocols require wide-ranging, high-precision, automatic temperature and lighting control, for example, in analysing the performance of a sample over a range of environmental conditions. In others, distinct and precise temperature and lighting protocols are critical at specific times, as in the culture of biological samples or in plant germination. Precision, repeatability and reliability in laboratory testing are essential to avoid jeopardising samples, results, or entire research projects. MIR's programmable Cooled Incubators offer exceptional accuracy, reliability and flexibility, as well as value for money and enhanced efficiency. Laboratories around the world and from a diverse range of industries are benefiting from outstanding performance of the MIR Cooled Incubators.

The MIR series includes three programmable cooled incubator models that provide a range of capacities: the MIR-154 (123 litres), MIR-254 (238 litres) and the MIR-554 (406 litres). A host of accessory options are also available for the MIR series that extend flexibility of the system further.

Precise performance

An extensive temperature range supports the exceptional versatility of the MIR series. Every MIR Cooled Incubator can be set to any temperature between -10ºC and +60ºC. Precise temperature control with minimal fluctuation is achieved through the high precision, microprocessor- controlled PID heater. This system minimises temperature fluctuations to only ±0.2ºC, using heater control only, and ±1.5ºC in combination with compressor- control. This level of accuracy is essential for the success of many environmental tests, experiments with microorganisms and plant germination in particular. In these examples, the MIR series’ door window and fluorescent lamp enable clear observation of samples and minimise the need to open the door, which can create temperature fluctuations. Day and night simulation can be achieved with a window blanking plate. This comes as standard with the MIR-554 model and is optionally available for the MIR-154 and MIR-254 models. In addition, fan circulation optimises the temperature uniformity within the incubators. The door switch automatically turns the circulation fan off with door opening to minimise air loss and reduce temperature recovery times. In a dynamic environment, such as a busy microbiological testing laboratory, this can be particularly important.