Cooled Incubators

MIR-154 Cooled Incubator

Effective capacity
Temperature range
-10℃ to +60℃


All-round performance

The MIR-154 Cooled Incubator is recognized as an exceptional unit suitable for a wide range of applications requiring a -10ºC to +60ºC environment. The wide variety of temperatures and lighting patterns that are essential in research, environmental studies and testing can now be accurately reproduced and controlled. The MIR-154 has a capacity of 123 liters.

Programmable operation function with microprocessor control

Combining flexible temperature (H), light on/off (L) and time control (T), a maximum 12-step plus constant operation or max. 12-step repeating operation can be programmed according to the experimentation requirements. A program can be set to repeat for a minimum of one time to a maximum of 98 times or continuous repeat.

Program input is simple and the incubator accommodates a range of diversified experimentation requirements, proving ideal for experimentation during night time and holidays, experimentation that requires settings to be changed, microorganism culture and preservation. The MIR Cooled Incubators also offer the choice of timer mode, 24-hour clock mode and timer mode to suit user experiments. Up to 10 programs can be stored for convenient retrieval and set-up of frequently run experiments. Individual programs can be combined using the join function. Constant operation mode without step operation is also available.

High-precision Temperature Environment

Wide temperature control range from -10°C to +60°C

With a wide temperature range from -10°C to +60°C, MIR Cooled Incubators allow a full range of precise experiments including environmental tests to microorganismcultures and plant germination tests. Precise microprocessor temperature control MIR Cooled Incubators incorporate a high precision microprocessor temperature control combined with a heater PID and compressor on/off system.

PHC also offers two other sizes of the same type MIR Cooled Incubators:


  • Wide temperature range from -10ºC to +60ºC with excellent uniformity
  • Precise Temperature Control For Accurate, Repeatable Conditions
  • Energy Saving Operation
  • Ultimate Secure, Comprehensive Alarm System
  • Modern Design for Exceptional Usability


  • 123 litres
  • Intelligent LCD Controller
  • Independent Over-temperature Protection Device
  • Programmed Memory Back-up Mechanism
  • Automatic Return Buzzer Switch



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External Dimensions (W x D x H) 700 x 580 x 1018 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 368 x 555 mm
Volume 123 litres
Net Weight 78 kg
Temperature Control Range -10°C ~ +60°C (AT +5°C ~ +35°C, no load)
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.2 with Heater PID control (SV 50°C, Ambient Temp 20°C, No load), ±1.5 with Compressor control (SV 5°C, Ambient Temp 20°C, No load)
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5 (SV 37°C, Ambient Temp 20°C, No load)
Controller Microprocessor PID System (ON-OFF control when compressor operates)
Display LCD
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Cooling Method Forced air circulation
Compressors 150 W
Insulation Material PUF
Insulation Thickness 40 mm
Exterior Material Painted steel
Interior Material SS SUS-304
Outer Doors 1
Outer Door Lock MIR-LP option
Reversible Door Y
Inner Doors N
Shelves 3
Max. Load Per Shelf 20 kg
Max. Total Load 61 kg
Access Port 1
Access Port Position left side
Access Port Diameter 40
Interior Fluorescent Lamp 1, 15 W, with MIR-L15-PE *1 option
Power Failure -
High Temperature V-B-R
Low Temperature V-B-R
Door Open V-B
Power Supply Local
Frequency Local
Noise Level 41 dB
  • *1 MIR-L15-PE operates between +2˚C and +50˚C


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