PHCbi launched new Biomedical Laboratory Freezers MDF-MU339, MDF-MU539 and MDF-MU539D

April 24th, 2018

Biomedical and Laboratory Freezers line-up renewed with new designs and improved performances

Introducing the new Freezers in our -30°C Biomedical freezers line-up the MDF-MU339, MDF-MU539 and MDF-MU539D.
Body color has been renewed to bright and clean White.

PHCbi Biomedical Freezer MDF-MU339

MDF-MU339 (369 liters) is a single door slim type freezer and is also the most popular since it can be installed anywhere.

PHCbi Biomedical Freezer MDF-MU539

MDF-MU539 (504 liters) with double doors offers more space with minimum leakage of cold air during door opening/closing.

PHCbi Biomedical Freezer MDF-MU539D

MDF-MU539D (479 liters) is a double door type with separated temperature controls, allowing storage of different type of sample, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Performance Features

  • Upgraded structure - By changing the height of the shelf trays, the unit can accommodate chamber containers of various sizes including storage boxes of conventional models.
  • Superior energy consumption (ECO) - Improvement in the fan motor [ON/OFF controls] has led to reduction in power consumption compared to our previous models. Replacing a conventional model with the updated models will lead to savings on energy costs of your facility.
  • Maintains the quality of samples during preservation - Equipped with doors that suppress the leakage of cold air and manual defrosting helps to avoid the temperature impact on the stored samples. Security and alarm functions also help protect valuable samples.
  • Find the specifications of each model from their product pages and catalogs: 

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