PHCbi launched a new Cell Culture CO2 Incubator MCO-170AC with upgraded cabinet design and intuitive LCD display control

June 12nd, 2019

PHCbi released a New Cell Culture CO2 Incubator of most popular & universal model (MCO-170AC series) with upgraded design by a whole renewal. PHCbi's MCO CO2 Incubators provide precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. During cell culturing, the inCu-saFe germicidal interior and optional SafeCell UV lamp continuously work to prevent contamination.  PHCbi's Cell Culture Incubator is designed to optimize your cell culture outcomes and reproducibility. For more detail, please find product flyer of MCO-170AC.

PHCbi Cell Culture Incubator MCO-170AC

PHCbi Cell Culture Incubator MCO-170AC

PHCbi Cell Culture Incubator MCO-170AC

Easier to Clean

The slide-out perforated stainless steel shelves rest securely in integrated shelf channels molded into the left and right sidewalls, eliminating the need for troublesome shelf brackets and clips. Molded shelf channels of chamber inside reduce the amount of interior parts by up to 80%. Perforated shelves promote natural temperature and gas uniformity.

Unified Controller

A central intuitive control panel with graphic user interface simplifies operation and improves visibility of key performance parameters. An OLED input/output display creates an ergonomically friendly selection of all functions including temperature and CO2 set points and alarm deviation limits for temperature and CO2. A USB data port available for data downloads.

Elimination of Condensation

The innovative Peltier powered dew stick located in the interior chamber draws condensation away from the inner door, outer door and inside inCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel surfaces. The dew stick returns moisture to the humidity reservoir and halts contamination before it can destroy cell cultures. Interior temp. and uniformity are not affected.