Energy-efficient performance of New Vaccine Refrigerators & Laboratory Freezers

PHCbi released a new ECO Vaccine Refrigerators & Laboratory Freezers (-30°C / -40°C). Natural refrigerants, compressors and integrated electronics reduces daily running cost. With the new Vaccine Fridges, the sliding glass door is meticulously designed to increase energy efficiency and safeguards stored items against heat transfer through the window. The thermal glass door is constructed from a double glass pane where argon gas is used to fill the 12 mm gap. Together with the air vents near the sliding glass door rail, it prevents the formation of moisture. With the new Laboratory Freezers, various line-up that you can select the best on depends on application and/or installed space at facility. Especially, MDF-DU549DHL offers 2 independently controlled temperature chambers at minimum temperature of -40°C.

ECO Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerators

ECO Laboratory Freezers