TwinGuard Ultra-low Temperature Chest Freezers are available in various countries

TwinGuard ultra-low temperature freezers are designed for long-term storage and preservation of high value biologicals and critical materials.
TwinGuard Refrigeration Platform the redundant refrigeration configuration of TwinGuard Series freezers permits refrigeration and compressor systems to work together to maintain setpoint temperature of -86°C and secondary temperatures of at least -70°C in case of a service event.
TwinGuard freezers maintain reserve refrigeration power to assure fast temperature recovery following door and lid openings, for assurance of safe operating parameters during high ambient temperatures or throughout voltage fluctuations or area brown-out conditions.
Facilities that use our TwinGuard ultra-low temperature freezers include pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories, biorepositories, medical research and academic institutions, government and military installations, blood and tissue banks, hospitals, clinics and industrial research facilities.

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TwinGuard ULT Freezers (-86°C)

TwinGuard Selection

TwinGuard ultra-low temperature freezers are available in three, space-saving upright cabinets and one, low-profile chest cabinet, each designed for both new laboratories and replacement installations.
TwinGuard freezers are designed to use inventory racks from PHCbi freezers and those of many competitive manufacturers, permitting a quick transfer of stored product for replacement installations.

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