Biopharma and FACS core facilities

On-chip Sort, The world’s first cell sorter using adisposable microfluidic chip, designed for BioPharma andFACS Core Facilities

On-chip Sort the microfluidic chip cell sorter

The On-chip Sort is the world's first cell sorter using a disposable microfluidic chip. Utilizing the advanced microfluidic technology and micro-molding technology, we have developed the world’s first microfluidic chip-based sorter. Cell sorting has never been easier than with our disposable microfluidic chip- based system. The product is designed to fit the demands of BioPharma and FACS Core facilities.

Points to consider when selecting Cell Sorter and Advantage of On-chip Sort

Company On-chip Sort A B C D
On-­chip Sort­ compare
Sorting Method Air sort/Flow shift Jet in air Jet in air Jet in air On-chip piezo acoustic actuator
Flow Path Microfluidic chip Sorting chip Tubing system Tubing system Tubing system
Max Lasers (colors) 3(6) 4(6) 3(4) 3(9) 1(3)
Purity >95% >99% >99% >99% >98%
Cell damage NO Damage YES YES YES YES
Application variety YES YES YES YES NO
Contamination Risk NO NO YES YES YES

On-chip Sorter meets the demands of both Biopharma and FACS Core facilities

Needs for Research

  • Minimal Cell Damage
  • On board laser/colors
  • Cell purity
  • Application variety
  • No contamination risks


On-­chip Sort­ compare On-chip Sort
Sorting Air sort/Flow shift
Cell damage No Damage
Max Lasers (colors) 3(6)
Purity >95%
Application variety YES
Flow Path Microfluidic Chip
Contamination Risk No Contamination Risks


  • No cross contamination
  • Easy to use for downstream applications without cell damage
  • Variety of Fluorescent usability
  • Sort away from wanted cells
  • Capable of sorting a variety of cells
  • Broad selection of sheath fluid
  • Take out - redundant
  • No need washing for fluidics system

Advantages of On-chip Sort

Damage & Maintenance-free

From cell damage to contamination, On-chip cell sorter solves the problems of conventional cell sorters altogether.
Utilizing the most advanced microfluidic technology and micro-molding technology, we have developed a unique “microfluidic chip-based sorting” for the first time in the world. Cell sorting has never been easier with the exchangeable chip with in-built fluidic system. On-chip innovation beyond a cell sorter, that is what we are here to offer.

Conventional Sorter On-chip Sort
Cell Damage Sorter-induced cellular stress Damage-free
Contamination Possibility of cross- contamination Sterile and contamination-free
Instrument Size Commonly large Small enough to fit inside a biosafety cabinet
Cell Size Typically < 40μm As large as 140μm
Sheath Fluid Particular sheath fluid required Choose from a variety of media

Jet-in-air or Cuvette hybrid cell sorters have multiple processes that triggers sorter-induced cellular stress (SICS). On-chip Sort allows for much gentler sorting of cells compared to conventional sorters by the use of microfluidic chip.

Conventional Sorter On-chip Sort
Sorting Pressure Approx. 40psi Approx. 0.3psi
High-speed Collision Cells collide at high-speed when collected No collision
Electrostatic Charging Cells are stressed due to charging No electrostatic charging
Aerosol Generation Potentially hazardous for users No aerosols
Sorting Medium Must use specified sorting medium Most standard media accepted
Washing Post-sort wash with harsh chemicals No post-sort washing
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