Pharmaceutical Life Science Solutions | Optimum preservation and incubation

Within the pharmaceutical industry, PHC is renowned for state-of-the-art engineering in core laboratory equipment. Purpose-built technology and application specific designs ensure our products are of the high quality and durability. Partnering with PHC can provide a number of benefits to pharmaceutical companies.

We are proud to provide the ultimate and the most reliable protection for your samples, facilitating cutting-edge research in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Complete qualification solutions

Keeping up with evolving regulations that are constantly becoming stricter can be a daunting task. When it comes to your laboratory equipment it is important to know that it will pass compliance checks and that the manufacturer has years of experience in manufacturing validatable equipment. PHC is a vertical component manufacturer that can provide turn-key solutions for validation and qualification in accordance with all current regulations and specific customer requirements and applications.

Turn key solutions available for:

  • Ultra-low Freezers
  • Cryogenic Freezers
  • Medical freezers
  • Pharmaceutical refrigerators
  • Incubators
  • Autoclaves
  • Environmental test chambers

At PHC, we have designed ult freezers that are both efficient and reliable without compromising performance. PHCbi enginerred heat exchange technology decreases energy usage and makes our ULT Freezers 40% more efficient than leading competitors.

The VIP ECO Series also uses vacuum insulation panel (VIP) technology reducing wall thickness by around 50%, achieving 30% more storage capacity, and reducing the average cost per box stored. Leveraging the power of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants also allows the VIP ECO Ultra Low Freezers to use smaller compressors, due to their greater efficiency. The natural hydrocarbon refrigerants combined with VIP insulation technology also help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint with up to 40% fewer emissions.


Biomedical Freezers are designed for long or intermediate-term storage at temperatures as low as -40ºC. Constructed with time-tested laboratory and clinical-grade refrigeration systems, these freezers are ideal for the storage of a wide variety of samples including enzymes, biologics and medicines.

Rapid temperature recovery maintains uniformity.

The rapid pull-down speeds of Biomedical Freezers ensures that the effects of door openings are minimized. Uniform temperatures are maintained throughout the chamber through direct cooling with a full cold wall design. The inner chamber temperature offers proper uniformity and stability without temperature spikes. The uniform, stable and reliable temperatures provided by PHCbi freezers are perfect for preservation of enzymes and biologics.


Cryogenic Freezers are well-known for maintaining uniform temperatures at -150ºC for the reliable, long-term preservation of cells and tissue. With thin vacuum insulation panel (VIP) walls, the Cryogenic Freezer can achieve more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer without increasing footprint, while also maintaining ultimate temperature uniformity.

Cryogenic Freezers promote sample stability

An uniformity of +/-5ºC in PHCbi mechanically refrigerated Cryogenic Freezers offers stabler top-to-bottom temperature uniformity than that provided by liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage, without the concern of cross-contamination often associated with liquid nitrogen (liquid phase storage).


PHCbi refrigerators are specially designed to comply with pharmaceutical regulations. A high level of temperature uniformity is paired with easy calibration access to meet critical validated storage regulations. A thermistor sensor monitors temperature inside the chamber, while microprocessor controls ensure that an accurate set temperature is maintained. Even with frequent door openings, the circulation fan provides rapid temperature recovery for a stable preservation environment unaffected by ambient temperature.

Defrost cycle

Defrosting is performed automatically during compressor “off” cycles by sensing ice accumulation. This way defrosting is performed only when required, further protecting your samples against unnecessary temperature fluctuations.


With the increasing need to quickly identify new research opportunities and verify the importance of a certain drug or therapeutic pathway, it is no surprise pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency. At PHC, we offer innovative technology that allows for faster turnaround and introduction of your drug to the market.

Active Background Decontamination control

Active background decontamination control is achieved through a combination of a copper-enriched stainless steel interior (inCu-saFe®) and an ultraviolet light (SaveCell UV). The copper-enriched stainless steel interior surface combines the germicidal properties of copper and the anti-corrosive nature of stainless steel.