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MBR Bloodbank Refrigerators

Product Information

Blood bank refrigerators

MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators provide two styles of storage systems, DH-type (coated steel wire shelf) and GR-type (stainless steel roll-out drawer with card holder). Our Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed based on assured stable and reliable temperature control utilizing PHCbi original technology: A special highly efficient compressor designed and developed by PHCbi, to provide rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model.

Rapid cooling & quiet performance

PHCbi designed a special compressor to provide rapid cooling and quiet performance. Every blood bank refrigerator of PHCbi have the features for great blood product preservation, such as controlling by microprocessor, flexible storage capacity and uniformity. With different types of blood bank refrigerators and the availability in different sizes, PHCbi provides the right equipment to suit your needs.