Blood Bank Refrigerators

MBR-705GR Blood Bank Refrigerator

Effective capacity
4℃ ±15℃


Robust design for safest storage of whole blood

The MBR-705GR Blood Bank Refrigerator is designed to store 360 pcs of 450ml blood bags by stable and reliable temperature control utilizing PHCbi original technology A special highly efficient compressor designed and developed by PHCbi provides rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model. Ideally suited for whole blood storage with stable and reliable temperature control for various inventory loads.

MBR Blood Bank Refrigerators with a highly efficient compressor that provides superior temperature recovery, rapid cooling and quiet performance for each model. Designed with all the features for blood product preservation such as superior uniformity, microprocessor control, and large flexible storage capacity. Whatever your preservation needs are, PHCbi provides the right equipment to meet your exact needs.

PHC also offers three other sizes of the same type MBR Blood Bank Refrigerator:


  • Stable Temperature Control
  • Forced Air Circulation for Enhanced Temperature Stability
  • User Friendly Design
  • Environmental Friendly
  • The Ideal +4°C Environment for Safe & Reliable Storage of Whole Blood


  • Roll-out drawers
  • Plexiglas inner doors
  • Single Door
  • Temperature Monitoring Features
  • Two thermistor sensors
  • MBR series are designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings.
  • Audible and flashing LED visual alarms
  • Built-in temperature recorder, standard.
  • Unified remote monitoring system for Panasonic Biomedical products (optional)
  • Panasonic Data Acquisition Software MTR-2000
  • Analogue module required.



Product Photos


External Dimensions (W x D x H) 770 x 830 x 1955 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 650 x 697 x 1500 mm
Volume 617 litres
Net Weight 210 kg
Capacity 360 bags (450ml)
Temperature Setting Range 4 °C +/-1 °C (AT 35°C)
Controller Microprocessor
Display Digital LED
Temperature Recorder MTR-G04 (Included)
Temperature Sensor 2 bottles with thermistor sensor
Exterior Material Baked-on acrylic finish galvanised steel
Interior Material Baked-on acrylic finish galvanised steel
Outer Doors Insulated steel frame with double-layer glass windows
Outer Door Lock 1
Inner Doors 3 Acrylic
Shelves 6 stainless steel roll-out drawers
Max. Load - Per Shelf/Drawer 40 kg
Max. Load - Total -
Access Port 2
Access Port Position left and right hand side
Access Port Diameter 30
Casters 4
Interior Light -
Power Failure Y
High Temperature Y
Low Temperature Y
Door Open Y
Power Supply Local
Noise Level -


RS485 interface module MTR-480-PW
Temperature chart recorder included
chart paper RP-G04-PW
Ink pen PG-R-PW


MBR-705GR Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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