LPR Laboratory Refrigerator

LPR-400 Laboratory Refrigerator

Effective capacity
Temperature range
4℃ to 14℃

Laboratory Refrigerator LPR-400 Features

Safe & Stable temperature control in a wide range of uses in laboratory

Refrigerator that is designed for general laboratory storage with user-friendly features. The combination of temperature control accuracy, interior temperature uniformity, quick recovery and resistance to high ambient temperature delivers a quality storage refrigerator that characterizes our commitment to engineering, storage safety and reliability.

Temperature Uniformity

Forced air circulation technology ensures a uniform temperature throughout the chamber and quick temperature recovery even with frequent door openings.

Timer-Controlled Off-Cycle Defrosting

Defrosting starts in off mode when the accumulated compressor operation time reaches a certain threshhold. During defrosting, the "dF" display and the current in-chamber temperature indications will alternate on the control panel.


Manufactured and distributed by PHCbi, the general-purpose Laboratory Refrigerator with front glass door for easy management meets various requirement of stored goods such as cell culture media, reagents, chromatography, clinical testing kits, breast milk, medication, industrial testing materials and antibody dilutions.


  • Temperature Stability
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Easy-to-Manage Layout
  • Slim type fits everywhere
  • Cycle Defrost
  • Front glass door with minimized condensation


  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Standard Alarm and Safety Features
  • Condensation prevention by glass door heater
  • Top-mounted air circulation blower
  • Cycle Defrost

Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerator LPR-400 Performance Data

AT35°C Pull-down & Pull-up Temperature

Laboratory Refrigerator LPR-400 Product Photos

Laboratory Refrigerator LPR-400 Specifications

External Dimensions (W x D x H) 610 x716 x 1886 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 516 x 550 x 1467 mm
Volume 400 litres
Net Weight 81 kg
Temperature Setting Range
Temperature Control Range +4 to +14 °C (at fridge part center, AT 10 to 35℃)
Controller Microprocessor with non-volatile memory
Display Digital
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Cooling Method Forced cool air circulation
Defrost Method Timer Cycle defrost
Refrigerant HFC (CFC-Free)
Insulation Material Rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
Exterior Material Colored steel
Interior Material Vacuum molding (ABS resin)
Outer Doors 1 (Plastic sash with 2-layer glass window)
Outer Door Lock 1 (Cylinder key lock)
Shelves 5 (polyethylene-coated wire , W500 x D465 mm, adjustable)
Max. Load - Per Shelf/Drawer 30 kg
Max. Load - Total
Access Port 1
Access Port Position Back
Access Port Diameter 30 mm
Casters 4 (2 levelling feet)
Interior Light
Power Failure
High Temperature V-B (V=Visual alarm, B=Buzzer)
Low Temperature V-B (V=Visual alarm, B=Buzzer)
Door Open
Power Supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Noise Level 48 dB [A]


LPR-400 The price might vary in country. Please send the inquiry form for getting quotation.

Laboratory Refrigerator LPR-400 Dimensions

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