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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

  1. VIP ECO ULT Freezers

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

  1. Pharmaceutical Refrigerator MPR-722

  2. MPR-S150H, S300H New Condensation Proof Structure

CO2 Incubators / Multigas Incubators

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    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 Laboratory Incubators

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    Easy Instructional Videos for Operation (Digest version)

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    [Video.01] Installation

  4. Video thumbnail

    [Video.02] Connecting CO2 gas cylinder

  5. Video thumbnail

    [Video.03] Removing interior components

  6. Video thumbnail

    [Video.04] Installing interior components

  7. Video thumbnail

    [Video.05] Filling humidifying pan

  8. Video thumbnail

    [Video.06] 24 hour UV decontamination cycle

  9. Video thumbnail

    [Video.07] H2O2 Decontamination

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    [Video.08] Password setting for key lock function

  11. Video thumbnail

    [Video.09] Canceling key lock function

  12. Video thumbnail

    [Video.10] Password setting for electric lock auto lock function

  13. Video thumbnail

    [Video.11] Canceling electric lock function

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    [Video.12] Data export using USB

  15. Video thumbnail

    [Video.13] Restart set up procedure

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    [Video.14] Dry heat sterilisation

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    [Video.15] MCO-170M_Installing interior components for Multi gas incubators

  18. Video thumbnail

    [Video.16] MCO-170M_Removing interior components for Multi gas incubators


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