TwinGuard ULT Freezers

High Security and Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer with Dual Cooling System

Your samples deliver vital data for that research. Those samples are unique, valuable, and irreplaceable. The TwinGuard delivers the solution to keeping your samples safe and secured for now and the future. Since protection is a priority and a concern for everyone, losing extremely valuable samples could halt your promising research, delay medical treatments, cause substantial financial losses, and even create a public relations nightmare. The risk of losing any samples must be eliminated. We developed TwinGuard ULT Freezers specifically to address and greatly reduce this unexpected type of risk.

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Main Features

Ultimate Sample Protection

The Dual Cooling System offers protection by using two independent refrigeration systems. If one of the compressors partially fails, the other can continue to maintain the temperature of the freezer in the -70°C range. Learn more about the unparalleled Dual Cooling System.

Efficient Sample Storage

Designed intuitively to maximize storage space, the cabinet design creates more capacity for samples allowing more room for productivity and utilization. In addition, with an enhanced insulation performance, the cabinet keeps heat out and maintains a cooler environment at reliable uniform temperatures.

Ease of Use

With just a touch, the LCD touch panel is a smart interface that will help to put more focus on productivity through its various built-in functions. In addition, to improve the accessibility of constantly maneuvering samples in and out, the door handle is crafted with form and function in mind, providing ease when accessing samples on our upright models.

TwinGuard ULT Freezer Models

The TwinGuard is an ultra-low and high security temperature freezer built with a dual cooling system for reassurance when storing valuable samples.


Dual Cooling System

The advanced Dual Cooling System provides:

  • an unparalleled level of enhanced safety for ultimate sample protection
  • an ultra-low temperature ranging between -70 to -86 degrees Celsius
  • a separated and independent system in case of unexpected partial failure

Should an unexpected failure occur in one cooling circuit, the other can maintain the freezer in the -70ºC range until service can be arranged. This level of ultra-low temperature back-up cannot be achieved by conventional cascade systems Learn more information about our Dual Cooling Systems.

Case Studies and Testimonials

PHCbi has continued to support the advancement of medical treatment since 1966. Through our diligent efforts to create new value propositions, while keeping quality and innovation in mind, our wish is to provide better health for everyone. Learn more.


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