PHCbi Ultra Low Freezers offer unrivalled temperature uniformity and stability

“My samples are irreplaceable – I need ultimate levels of security”

TwinGuard:Ultimate Sample Protection


TwinGuard ULT freezers have two independent refrigeration systems to provide the highest levels of sample security. PHCbi’s Dual Cooling System offers a backup system ensures that the integrity of irreplaceable and potentially life-saving samples are not put at risk. If one refrigeration system fails, the other refrigeration system will activate to maintain a temperature of up to -70ºC. TwinGuard will provide a peace of mind and has been a reliable cold storage solution for many who prioritize and value sample security protection. The Dual Cooling System is designated to securely store valuable biological samples. It consists of two individual compressors to provide a reliable -86ºC Ultra-Low temperature environment. Should unexpected failure occur in one cooling circuit, the other will maintain at least -70ºC.

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Upright 700L Class 500L Class 300L Class
Model no. MDF-DU702VX MDF-DU502VX MDF-DU302VX
Capacity(L) 729 528 360
“Energy efficiency is a top priority.”

VIP ECO SMART | All Round Energy Efficiency


VIP ECO, unlike conventional ultra lower freezers, utilizes natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants to provide minimal energy consumption, reduced environmental impact and substantially lower running costs. HC refrigerants have a high latent heat of evaporation making them much more efficient at removing heat from the freezer chamber than conventional refrigerants, resulting in up to a 55% reduction in energy consumption and costs. THE VIP ECO helps organizations to meet environmental objectives.

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Helping organizations to meet environmental objectives, PHCbi has built ULTs to use natural refrigerants to minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and substantially assist in lower running costs. These refrigerants also have an extremely low Global Warming Potential. Check out the VIP ECO video to learn more.

Upright 700L Class 500L Class
Model no. MDF-DU703VH MDF-DU503VH
Capacity(L) 729 528
Upright 700L Class 500L Class
Model no. MDF-DU702VH MDF-DU502VH
Capacity(L) 729 528
Upright 900L Class
Model no. MDF-DU901VHL
Capacity(L) 845

The reason why PHCbi Laboratory Freezers were selected over 50 years

Our History and Achievement

We launched Life Science business in 1966. Our products including preservation equipment (Laboratory Freezers, Ultra Low Freezers) and incubation equipment (Cell Culture Incubators, Microbiological Incubators) are now being used in various customers & facilities such as universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in 110 countries worldwide. For more information, please refer to customer's testimonial.

Since the launch of our first Pharmaceutical Refrigerator model in 1966, we have taken advantage of this technology to create exceptional products and services with a high degree of quality and reliability. We have worked to meet the expectations of customers in the medical and life science fields under both the Sanyo and Panasonic brands. As before, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products and top-class services. See our commitment to the Quality.

*1 Source: “Latest Trends and Future Prospects in Tissue Engineering Markets 2018” by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (based on 2017 performance by volume) *2 Source: “Global Lab Equipment Market Assessment 2017” by Frost & Sullivan (based on 2016 performance)

Testimonials and Case Studies

National Center for Global Health and Medicine BioBank

Huge freezers line the basement where the room temperature is kept low. This is the BioBank of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where patients are examined and treated above ground, while in the basement lie the seeds of cutting-edge research.

The PHCbi freezers are where these seeds are stored. Read on to find out how they are being used and why they were selected for this facility. We interviewed Satoshi Suzuki, Manager of the BioBank Promotion Department, National Center for Global Health and Medicine.

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