PHC Corporation, Biomedical Division has established a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment over the past fifty years. Together with the high standard of service we deliver, it makes us a major player in the biomedical market.

Logically we want our distributor to offer you the same high standard of service that belong to our equipment. Therefore PHC Corporation, Biomedical Division only works with distributors that do guarantee this quality. So you are always sure that maintenance will be done by PHC certified service engineers. Which means that these engineers followed a step-by-step hands on training for all PHCbi products. In this way PHC Corporation, Biomedical Division guarantees customers the best products with the best service! 

Please use a special e-mail form after pressing "REQUEST A QUOTE" button of an each distributor / PHC office field per country. Then your inquiry will be immediately followed up by an appropriate distributor and/or PHC office.