Panasonic Healthcare Starts Medical IT Business in Indonesia-Distributorship Agreement Concluded with PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara

May 18, 2017
Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

TOKYO, May 18th, 2017 – Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo, Japan; President: Hidehito Kotani, hereafter “Panasonic Healthcare”) today announced the signing of a distributorship agreement with PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara (HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia; Commissioner Chairman: Rachmat Gobel) for distribution and service support of medical IT solutions, starting its medical IT business in Indonesia. As a start, Panasonic Healthcare plans to launch patient queueing and registration solution systems for hospitals during 2017.

Panasonic Healthcare has been promoting medical IT business in Japan as one of its core businesses under the “Medicom” brand. For the past 45 years since the launch of the Japan’s first Medical-Receipt Computer System in 1972, Panasonic Healthcare has been a leader of the industry, contributing to enhancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare and improved services to patients in Japan. Retaining the top market share for Electronic Patient Record Systems for clinics and Electronic Medication History Systems for health insurance pharmacies, Panasonic Healthcare has established its brand in Japan’s medical IT solutions industry, including its personal health management solutions and electronic medicine notebooks,

In Indonesia, the national social security program “BPJS” (Bedan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial) was implemented in 2014. This makes the shortage of medical facilities and resources become an issue and using medical IT to improve healthcare efficiency, services and quality is becoming an urgent necessity. Leveraging our experience in the medical IT business in Japan and the strong local network of the Gobel Group, Panasonic Healthcare is determined to develop software, systems and services that are tailored to the healthcare environment in Indonesia and fit in with medical department and patient flows, aiming at providing total medical IT solution services as the final goal.

Panasonic Healthcare, since opening a manufacturing factory in Indonesia (PT Panasonic Healthcare Indonesia) in 1991, has been contributing to the industry development and medical welfare of Indonesia through its manufacturing expertise and excellence. By developing its medical IT business in the Indonesian fast-growing medical industry, Panasonic Healthcare will further contribute to quality and efficiency enhancement of healthcare as well as improved services to patients in Indonesia.

About Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Incorporated in 1969, Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, sells and provides services for medical devices. It contributes to the wellbeing of society by creating new value propositions for all the people who wish for better health, through its three core businesses of the In Vitro Diagnostics business including blood glucose monitoring systems, the Medicom business for medical IT and the Biomedical business for laboratory and medical support devices. For further information on Panasonic Healthcare, please visit

About PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara

Established in 1976, PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara sells equipment and provides services for commercial air-conditioners, automotive batteries, etc. as one of the Gobel group companies that have extensive business portfolio in Indonesia including manufacturing and sales of electric appliances, distributions, foods, real estate and services. Through its broad business network including healthcare facilities, PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara has been developing business and highly recognized in the Indonesian market. For further information on PT. Gobel Dharma Nusantara, please visit