Introducing “PharnesV-MX” New Electronic Medication History System for Increasing Work Efficiency in Health Insurance Pharmacies.

June 20, 2018
PHC Holdings Corporation

TOKYO, Jun 20, 2018 ― PHC Corporation (hereafter PHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) has introduced a new electronic medication history system for health insurance pharmacies, the “PharnesV-MX.”

The PharnesV-MX new electronic medication history system improves pharmacists‘ work efficiency. Together with an easily recognizable display of medication history and a comprehensive drug database, the system offers multiple functions to make the pharmacist’s work easier. The system has a new auto software/database update feature and also enables pharmacists to make medication histories and homecare reports easily according to the standard procedure followed by pharmacists when making patient home visits. In addition, by connecting to the Healthcare Note Service, PHC’s electronic medicine notebook application, and loading medication history data from the app into the PharnesV-MX, the system allows pharmacists to check medication information prescribed by other pharmacies, dosage requirements and medication guidelines.

PHC offers value-added products and services for its three core businesses—Medical Devices, Healthcare IT, and Life Sciences. The new system will expand the PHC Healthcare IT business product lineup for health insurance pharmacies.

The latest revision of the medical fee system requires healthcare professionals to reduce their workload and revise work styles, while further promoting face-to-face communication between patients and pharmacists, including home care visits and medication adherence instructions. The PharnesV-MX aims to reduce pharmacists’ clerical tasks which account for more than 20%*1 of their work and provide more time for communicating with their patients.

Takayuki Otsuka, head of the Medical Information Systems (Medicom*2) Division said, "It was back in 1972 that our company launched Japan's first medical-receipt computer. Since then, we have leveraged our accumulated experience and knowhow to underscore our commitment to provide leading-edge healthcare IT solutions. Focusing on medical institutions covering clinics, PHC aims to further increase our presence in the broader market, including nursing homes and pharmacies, and build a next-generation medical solution platform in the near future. We hope this product will serve as a more convenient and easier-to-use solution for pharmacists to facilitate patient health management to contribute to healthcare quality improvement.”

*1 Source: Internal investigation in 2018.
*2 Medicom: PHC healthcare IT business/products brand

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Incorporated in 2014, PHC Holdings Corporation is a global healthcare company. Its subsidiaries include PHC Corporation and Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG. Committed to its corporate mission, “We contribute to the wellbeing of society through our diligent efforts by creating new value propositions for all the people who wish for better health,” the company develops, manufactures, sells and services medical equipment and solutions through its three core businesses for medical devices, healthcare IT and life sciences. PHC Holdings Corporation group’s consolidated net sales in FY2016 marks 187.4 billion yen with global distribution of products and services for more than 125 countries. PHC Holdings Corporation changed its name from Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. in April, 2018.
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