Introducing New CFC-free Pharmaceutical Refrigerators with a Freezer Designed for Energy Savings and Low Environmental Impact

February 13, 2019
PHC Holdings Corporation

TOKYO, February 13, 2019 - PHC Corporation (hereafter PHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) has introduced new pharmaceutical refrigerators with a -30°C freezer using natural refrigerants (*1) and inverter compressors (model numbers: MPR-N450FH-PJ/N450FSH-PJ) (*2) for medical institutions and research facilities.

These environmentally-friendly pharmaceutical refrigerators realize significant low environmental impact together with reliable preservation to protect refrigerated pharmaceuticals, high-value samples and specimens for medical institutions, drug development and life science studies.

Main features:

1. CFC-free natural refrigerants and new inverter compressors reduce energy consumption by approximately 50%.

Using cooling-efficient CFC-free natural refrigerants and an inverter compressor that effectively reduce power consumption, these new products have achieved an approximately 50% (*3) power consumption reduction, compared to previous models. In addition, by utilizing natural refrigerants to avoid using harmful CFC and HCFC chemicals, the new pharmaceutical refrigerators are environmentally-friendly, economical products that help prevent ozone depletion and global warming.

2. New cabinet design improves temperature accuracy and storage efficiency.

Equipped with inverter compressors that reduce temperature fluctuations, the new cabinet design with improved temperature distribution enhances temperature control. In addition, freezing capacity increases by approximately 60%(*3) with almost the same footprint as previous models. These new products have achieved the largest total capacity level(*4) for pharmaceutical refrigerators with a freezer in the industry. This enables storing contents that previously were placed in separate freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators, together in one unit, allowing spaces to be utilized more effectively for medical institutions and research facilities.

3. Temperature trackability in the cabinet and more precise temperature indication.

Refrigerator and freezer temperatures can be displayed in 0.1°C increments. Temperature change alarms and door/opening history may be automatically logged. The data recorded from continuous temperature tracking is available to prove that refrigerated pharmaceuticals, high-value samples and specimens are correctly stored and managed.


PHCHD is a global healthcare company that offers value-added products and services in the fields of diabetes care, diagnostics, life sciences and healthcare IT. This new product series will expand the product lineup of our Life Sciences business.

The Life Science business now with a new brand name "PHCbi" after the company’s name change in April 2018, goes back to 1966 when the company launched pharmaceutical refrigerators in Japan. Our products featuring high technology and quality now account for the No.1 share (*5) of the Japanese domestic market.

As new life science studies such as cell remedies have advanced, the issues of energy saving for customers and building an environmentally sustainable society need to be addressed. PHCHD contributes to leading-edge research to realize next-generation medical treatments by developing research- and medical-supporting devices that lead to problem solving as well as responding to customer needs including those of healthcare professionals and researchers.

(*1)Refrigerants made from natural substances such as ammonia, and CO2 are CFC-free so they have less impact on the environment.
(*2) For more information:
(*3) Compared to conventional model MPR-414F
(*4) Internal investigation: The largest level in the industry for 800mm width pharmaceutical refrigerators with a freezer sold in Japan in 2018. Refrigerator (326L), Freezer (136L), total capacity (462L)
(*5) Source: "Latest Trends and Future Prospects in Tissue Engineering Markets 2018" by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. (based on the 2017 actual achievements)

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