PHC Corporation and Toon City of Ehime Prefecture to Expand PHC’s Health Promotion Support Initiatives for Citizen Health

May 24 , 2019
PHC Holdings Corporation

TOKYO, May 24 , 2019 - PHC Corporation (hereafter PHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, hereafter PHCHD) announced signing an agreement with Toon City, Ehime Prefecture (Mayor: Akira Kato) to strengthen its citizen health support initiatives by employing our health promotion support system.

Toon City aims to “realize the best city in Japan for citizen health” and to promote the “Toon health medical creation project,” collaborating with the Ehime University School of Medicine and regional industries.

In February 2018, PHC signed a “partnership agreement for regional cooperative project” with Toon City and since then has been strengthening cooperation for creating a region-based health and longevity platform. Based on the agreement, the city implemented initiatives from July 2018 to January 2019 to raise citizens’ consciousness for health and promote behavior changes utilizing “WellsPort Navi,” a population approach system developed and sold by PHC. “WellsPort Navi” is a comprehensive health management solution which checks medical results for the past five years and changing values such as daily blood pressure readings and weight in graphs via computers or smartphones. It also assists managing health through participation in events including walk rallies and nonsmoking rallies publicized online. Toon City held a “walk rally,” one of the exercise programs provided by “WellsPort Navi,” that had 141 participants from city dwellers and employees of companies that have offices in the city. Such an activity helps maintain and improve motivation toward exercise by setting target steps during the event and allowing competing with other participants. As a result, participant weight loss was able to be confirmed during the event and also proved that the system raised consciousness for health promotion and helped enhance health. 70% of participants responded the activity “helped promote health.” Based on the result, PHC and Toon City agreed to develop a full-scale operation in 2019 to promote health utilizing our “WellsPort Navi” and to increase support for citizen health promotion.

Osamu Takahashi, PHC Corporate Officer in charge of medical policy and public affairs said, “The agreement with Toon City made this time spurs us to further strengthen cooperation with municipalities and academic institutions to promote healthy life expectancy and the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by utilizing our WellsPort Navi. We are aiming to create a society where everyone can reach for longevity in good health. PHCHD will strive to develop new and easy-to-use healthcare solutions that contribute to health management and health promotion as well as to raise national consciousness for health.”

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