PHC Partners with KAKEHASHI for Medicom-branded Healthcare IT Solutions Sales - enhancing linkage between Pharnes and Musubi systems

October 9 , 2019
PHC Corporation

TOKYO, October 9, 2019 - PHC Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shoji Miyazaki) entered into a sales partnership agreement with KAKEHASHI Inc. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yutaka Nakao). The agreement will see KAKEHASHI conducting sales of PHC’s “Medicom (*)” branded healthcare IT solutions.

The increasing division between medical practice and drug dispensing in Japan results in an increase in the number of pharmacies and a resultant shortage of pharmacists. The increased workload on pharmacists impacts their ability to provide patients with appropriate medication guidance. These conditions make it imperative to improve pharmacists’ work efficiency if patients are to be better served.

KAKEHASHI developed and sells Musubi, a next-generation electronic medication history system capable of automatically delivering optimal medication guidance using original algorithms that are applied to analyzing information such as patient diseases, medications, lifestyles and other individual profiles. The guidance is saved to the system as medication history.

The new partnership agreement will see KAKEHASHI begin sales activities for Pharnes, one of PHC’s healthcare IT solutions, and both companies will start to work on interfacing between Pharnes and Musubi. The linkage of medication history information and medical accounting will improve workflow and promote more efficient medical service at pharmacies. PHC’s extensive expertise in medical and medication history system development together with its strong customer base now merges with KAKEHASHI’s medical history application with original algorithms, and both companies will start considering the development of a next-generation pharmacy system that is expected to further streamline pharmacists’ work processes and deliver upgraded patient medication guidance.

PHC is a healthcare company offering value-added products and services in the business areas of diabetes care, diagnostics, life science, and healthcare IT. This agreement with KAKEHASHI enables PHC to expand its customer base in healthcare IT business and develop new services.

Takayuki Otsuka, member of the board and director of the Medical Information Systems (Medicom) Division says, “Since launching Japan’s first medical-receipt computer in 1972, PHC has been the leading provider of medical IT products in the medical information system field, using its accumulated experience and expertise. Partnering with KAKEHASHI allows us to take a significant step to develop a new healthcare service that provides the best from both. Predictive analysis of upcoming changes in the medical environment and requirements along with new digital solutions that increase efficiency and convenience allows us to realize higher-quality medical care in the future.”

(*)Medicom: PHC healthcare IT business/products brand

About Medical Information Systems (Medicom) Division, PHC Corporation

Established in 1969, PHC Corporation is a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation in Japan that develops, manufactures, sells, and services medical equipment and solutions across the diabetes care, diagnostics, life sciences, and healthcare service businesses. Committed to its corporate mission, “We contribute to the health of society through our diligent efforts to create healthcare solutions that have a positive impact and improve the lives of people,” the company offers value-added products and services to customers in over 125 countries. Since developing and launching the first medical-receipt computer in Japan, the Medicom Division has been contributing to improving medical services for patients and work efficiency for healthcare professionals by providing electronic medical record systems and other healthcare IT products and services under the Medicom brand.

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Established in March 2016, KAKEHASHI Inc. develops software to support medication guidance and creating patient medication history for pharmacies with its electronic medical history system Musubi and also provides pharmacy support services. Aiming to establish the platform for “sufficient and high-class medical care of Japan,” KAKEHASHI’s comprehensive grasp of issues at medical sites and innovative development of medical systems with cutting-edge technology enables it to play a role in shaping the future for better medical care in Japan, working closely with healthcare professionals within and without the company. (Japanese website)

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