PHC Introduces New Models of Natural Refrigerant Pharmaceutical Refrigerator that Deliver Stable, Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Cold Storage for Pharmaceuticals/Samples

July 29, 2021
PHC Corporation

TOKYO, July 29, 2021 - PHC Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kyoji Morimoto, hereafter PHC) has today announced the launch in Japan of new models of their sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators (product models: MPR-S500H/S500RH)*1 and pharmaceutical refrigerators with freezer (product models: MPR-N250FH/N250FSH)*2. All models feature CFC-free natural refrigerants*3, inverter compressors, and are specifically designed for use in medical institutions and research facilities.

The storage requirements for biological therapeutics, vaccines, and other pharmaceuticals are becoming more complex, and the number of pharmaceutical products requiring stringent temperature control is increasing to keep up with advances in drug development and life sciences research. These circumstances make it critical to have a cold chain that enables more accurate storage in a stable temperature range that is specifically tailored for each pharmaceutical product. In addition, as global efforts focus on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*4 set forth by the United Nations, there is a greater demand than ever for environmentally-friendly products.

The newly introduced sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators and pharmaceutical refrigerators with freezer are part of PHC’s cold chain*5 storage solutions. These not only allow secure storage of frozen/refrigerated pharmaceuticals and valuable samples used by medical institutions and drug development/life sciences research, but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and the impact on the global environment.

These products significantly minimize power consumption by using environmentally-friendly CFC-free natural refrigerants with high cooling efficiency and energy-saving inverter compressors that reduces power consumption. In particular, sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators (product models: MPR-S500H/S500RH) further reduce power consumption by optimizing control of the cycle-defrosting system*6 that suppresses the temperature rise inside the chamber during the defrosting process. This reduces power consumption by approximately 80%*7 compared to conventional models, achieving industry leading energy-saving performance.

Additionally, new improvements have been made to all products to enable more precise temperature control, including the use of inverter compressors to reduce temperature fluctuations, and a new cabinet design to improve temperature consistency inside the chamber. Furthermore, chamber-interior temperature can be continuously tracked through automatic logging of temperature change alarms and door opening. Recorded data is saved to a USB stick and serves as evidence for pharmaceutical temperature management status. Thanks to these features, the new models of PHC sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerator and pharmaceutical refrigerator with freezer offer a more secure and stable freezing/refrigeration environment that complies with pharmaceutical and sample storage requirements while minimizing the impact on global environmental issues.

Sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators (MPR-S500H/S500RH) and pharmaceutical refrigerators with freezer (MPR-N250FH/N250FSH)
Product Images

PHC is a Japanese subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, a global healthcare company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, life sciences and diagnostics. The newly launched products expand PHC’s product portfolio for cold chain solutions in the life sciences business, which are designed to support global environmental protection and energy conservation.

Nobuaki Nakamura, Corporate Officer and co-head of the Life Sciences/Diagnostics Domain of PHC Holdings Corporation said, “The history of our life sciences business goes back to 1966, when we launched our first pharmaceutical refrigerators in Japan. Over 50 years of technological development, the quality standards of our products meet the pharmaceutical guideline of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S., and are used by many researchers and healthcare professionals globally for stable storage of valuable pharmaceuticals and samples, including vaccines for COVID-19. Furthermore, under the international Energy Star certification for energy-saving electrical products established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), nineteen models*8 of our cold storage preservation equipment have been certified by Energy Star and have been highly rated. Through our CFC-free cold chain storage solutions, such as the models being launched today, we offer a cold storage management environment that meets the various needs of researchers and healthcare professionals, while also contributing to creating a sustainable global environment through better energy conservation.”

*1 Products with a temperature range of 2°C to 14°C.
*2 Products combine pharmaceutical refrigerator with a temperature range of 2°C to 14°C with biomedical freezer with a cooling capacity of -30°C.
*3 Refrigerant that utilizes naturally available substances such as ammonia and carbon dioxide. Since it does not use CFCs, which are ozone-depleting substances conventionally used in refrigerants, it is regarded as less harmful to the environment.
*4 Sustainable Development Goals: A set of 17 international goals for the year 2030 to achieve a sustainable, diverse and inclusive society where “no one is left behind.”
*5 A system for distributing products that require low-temperature control while keeping them at low-temperature condition.
*6 Operating method that removes frost from the inside of the refrigerator.
*7 Comparison with conventional models (Pharmaceutical refrigerators MPR-514/514R).
*8 Energy Star certified PHC products:
(Sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators/Pharmaceutical refrigerators with freezer) MPR-514-PA, MPR-514R-PA, MPR-722R-PA, MPR-722-PA, MPR-1014-PA, MPR-1014R-PA, MPR-1412R-PA, MPR-1412-PA, MPR-S300H-PA
(Ultra-Low temperature freezers) MDF-DU502VH-PA, MDF-DU502VHA-PA, MDF-DU702VH-PA, MDF-DU702VHA-PA, MDF-DU901VHA-PA
(Biomedical freezers) MDF-U731-PA, MDF-MU339HL-PA, MDF-U731M-PA
(Others) TSU-4RW-N6, SF-L6111W-PA
For further information: ENERGY STAR Certified Lab Grade Refrigerators and Freezers (The website is in English)

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Established in 1969, PHC Corporation is a Japanese subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation, a global healthcare company that develops, manufactures, sells, and services solutions across diabetes management, healthcare solutions, life sciences and diagnostics. The Biomedical Business Unit active in life sciences business helps scientists and researchers in over 110 countries through its laboratory and medical support equipment and services including CO2 incubators and ultra-low temperature freezers.

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