PHC Engineers Win Regional Invention Awards for Innovations in PHCbi Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Used for COVID-19 Vaccines

November 17, 2021
PHC Corporation

TOKYO, November 17, 2021 - Engineers of PHC Corporation, a subsidiary of global healthcare company PHC Holdings Corporation, have received two awards(*1) at the 2021 Kanto Regional Commendation for Invention for the company’s PHCbi-branded ultra-low temperature freezers(*2), which are widely used around the world in the development and storage of COVID-19 vaccines.

As drug development and life sciences research evolve, strict temperature control has become essential for long-term, stable storage of pharmaceuticals and samples. At the same time, demand for energy-saving products is increasing in response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to the environment.

The two award-winning innovations, used in PHCbi-branded ultra-low temperature freezers, address both of these needs. The first, which won the Gunma Prefectural Governor’s Award, is a dual refrigeration inverter that allows ultra-low temperature freezers to maintain internal temperature more accurately and with more stability while achieving the world’s top-class energy saving performance. The second, which won the Invention Encouragement Award, is the freezer door’s latch handle, which is ergonomically designed to keep the outer door of the freezer securely closed while ensuring the door can open and close with minimum force.

The Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation established the Regional Commendation for Invention in 1921 to honor engineers and R&D personnel responsible for outstanding inventions, devices, or designs. The commendations are in regional categories of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu. PHC engineers have been honored six years in a row. Previous winning innovations include a prescription management device that includes an unused medication registration function to prevent prescription mistakes, which is used in the electronic medication history system for health insurance pharmacies.

[Invention Summaries]

■The Gunma Prefectural Governor’s Award

Title of the Invention “Dual Refrigeration Inverter Control of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer” (Patent No. 6603394)
Awardees Yuichi Tamaoki
Technology Department, Biomedical Business Unit, PHC Corporation

Minoru Suto
Technology Department, Biomedical Business Unit, PHC Corporation

Takahiro Inoue
Group 2 Development Department, Advanced Technology Development Center, PHC Corporation
Outline of the Invention Dual refrigeration inverter that controls the rotation of the two compressors in a positive correlation installed inside the ultra-low temperature freezer.

■The Invention Encouragement Award

Title of the Invention “Latch Handle Structure for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer” (Patent No.6392466)
Awardees Tadashi Okada
Technology Department, Biomedical Business Unit, PHC Corporation

Eiichi Mori
PT PHC Indonesia
Outline of the Invention Latch handle with a robust structure that allows easy opening and closing of the ultra-low temperature freezer door.

(*1) (Japanese website)

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer(Product Model: MDF-DU702VH), Dual refrigeration inverter control(Patent No.6603394) and Latch Handle Structure(Patent No.6392466)
Award-winning Inventions

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