PHC IVD and JCR Announce GROWJECTOR® Duo, a Motorized Digital Injector for Pediatric Patients Undergoing Growth Hormone Therapy


August 29, 2023

PHC Corporation
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JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
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(TSE 4552)

Tokyo and Hyogo, August 29, 2023 - The In Vitro Diagnostics Division of PHC Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Nobuaki Nakamura, hereafter PHC IVD) and JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Ashiya, Hyogo, Chairman and President: Shin Ashida, hereafter JCR) announce the launch of GROWJECTOR® Duo*1, a new product in the GROWJECTOR® series of motorized digital Injectors. The GROWJECTOR® Duo, jointly developed by the two companies, expands treatment options available to pediatric patients undergoing growth hormone therapy and supports long-term treatment. This product will be marketed in Japan on September 1 only by JCR.

GROWJECTOR® Duo, which is manufactured by PHC IVD, is a motorized digital injector used exclusively to administer subcutaneous injections of the recombinant human growth hormone GROWJECT® 6mg and 12mg*2 which is manufactured and marketed in the Japanese market only by JCR.

GROWJECTOR® Duo expands the portfolio of the GROWJECTOR® series by offering user-friendly features that build on the previous model. For instance, the previous model GROWJECTOR® L*3, is equipped with features suited for younger children, such as a customizable character and melodies to help ease patient anxiety. The new GROWJECTOR® Duo is designed to be simpler and handled more easily like a pen device, making it better suited for older children. Automatic infusion and recording features are designed to reduce the strain of injections making it easier for pediatric patients, their guardians, and their caregivers to operate.

PHC IVD and JCR will continue to partner to seek development of healthcare solutions that respond to the challenges of patients receiving growth hormone therapy and help improve the quality of life for patients and the quality of healthcare available.

— Main Features of GROWJECTOR® Duo —

  • Intuitive operation, including guidance on settings and injections displayed on screen
  • Guidance displayed can be customized based on usage
  • Skin sensor function supports reliable injections
  • Three levels of injection speed available
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator with growth hormone cartridge attached, eliminating the need to attach and detach the cartridge for each injection
  • Dosing history can be transmitted to Melon NikkiTM, a dedicated smartphone app for growth hormone therapy medication management, via Bluetooth® (available beginning in October 2023)
GROWJECTOR® Duo (bottom) and GROWJECTOR® L(top) offer treatment delivery options

Hiroyuki Tokunaga, Board Member of PHC Corporation and Director of PHC IVD, said, “Since the first release of the GROWJECTOR® series in 2006, PHC IVD has strived to develop products that meet patient and healthcare provider needs. Our products have received high evaluations from our customers for their precision technology and quality. We expect that by offering solutions tailored to patient needs, we will be able to help reduce the strain of medical treatment for patients and caregivers.”

Toru Ashida, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Sales Division at JCR, said, “We listen carefully to feedback on our products, and pursue research and development to answer the needs of patients injecting the human growth hormone GROWJECT®. The new GROWJECTOR® Duo, with easier-to-use features, is designed to simplify growth hormone treatment. Together with the GROWJECTOR® L, we will continue to meet the needs of at-home self-injection treatment by providing more value and improving information sharing between patients, parents, and caregivers.”

*1 Japanese Medical Device Nomenclature: Reusable medication/vaccine injector, Marketing certificate number: 305AABZX00019000
*2 Approved indications of GROWJECT® subcutaneous injection 6mg/GROWJECT® 12 mg
 - Growth Hormone Deficiency Short Stature Disorder without Epiphyseal Closure
 - Short Stature in Turner Syndrome without Epiphyseal Closure
 - Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (limited to severe cases)
 - Short Stature Disorder due to Small-for-Gestational Age (SGA) without Epiphyseal Closure
 - Short Stature Disorder due to SHOX Abnormality without Epiphyseal Closure
    For more information on the diseases, please visit to JCR Pharma’s “Growth Hormone Treatment Information” website:
*3 Japanese Medical Device Nomenclature: Reusable medication/vaccine injector, Marketing certificate number: 228AABZX00109000

* GROWJECT, GROWJECTOR, and Melon Nikki are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by PHC Corporation is under license.

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