Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Contribution Activities

Mangrove Planting

As our commitment to give contribution in protecting environment pollution and making earth ‘healthier’ we promoting environmental activity continuously. One of activity that we done this year is planting mangrove tree at ‘Bahagia’ beach, located around 70 km from PHCI site. Purpose of this activity is to give contribution in slowing down abrasion process since currently area affected by this abrasion is almost 3 km from the beach. Impact of this many houses and area for fish farming were flooded by sea water. Activity was done on 1 February 2020 attended by 27 employee.

PC Donation

In line with the company's policy to contribute the local community development, PT PHC Indonesia periodically carried out activity to support education process in the schools located around PHCI site. In this fiscal year we have some activities, one of which is donation of 30 units used PC to junior high school SMP Negeri 03 Cikarang Barat.

This activity is based on the condition that computers owned by schools are damaged and cannot be used anymore so that computer lessons cannot be done by practically. In the other hand PHCI already upgraded computers of staff from PC desktop to note book. Basically performance of such PC desktop is still good and can be operated normally. Therefore we decided to donate some of them after ensuring that the data is completely erased. Hand over was done on 4 February 2020.