Healthcare Business

In-Vitro Diagnostic

Contour plus Next

Wireless meter and app system

  • Easy to use meter
  • Bluetooth Smart System
  • Free app available
PHCI Product Contour Plus

Contour Plus

Easy Accuracy

  • Highly Accurate
  • Simple to Use
  • Small Blood Sample
PHCI Product Contour TS

Contour TS

Easy Accuracy

  • Fast, 5 second count down
  • Small 0.6ul blood sample size
  • Easy-to-see orange test strip port
PHCI Product Controur Next

Contour Next

Easy to Use

  • Simple user screen
  • Ability to reapply blood
  • Proven Accuracy


Medical Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Uniform storage temperature for the most demanding applications. MPR Pharmaceutical Referigerators offer a complete solution for the most demanding requirements for storage of pharmaceuticals, medicines, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive applications.

Designed specifically for laboratory storage applications

  • Improve display
  • Temperature alarm is variable
  • Alarm message display
  • Simple temperature graph
  • USB data log

CO2 Incubators

New CO2 incubator design delivers exceptional ease of use, cleaning and prevents contamination

Application: Steam Cell Research, Autologous tissue regeneration, Genomic and proteomic expression, Esoteric plant and amphipian cell culture, Hyper-sensitive and transgenic cell culture, Low volume media microplate work

  • Colour LCD touch panel
  • USB memory data transfer
  • Maximum security control
  • Optimal Humidity control
  • Integrated Tray Catches
  • Field-reversible Door (Left/Right opening)

Heated Incubators

Intuitive and easy operable

Heated Incubators provide a precise and stable incubation environment

  • A wide range of applications including biological cultures and environment studies
  • Accurate temperature control by Microprocessor PID control system and Air Jacket System
  • Operation Timer function
  • Alarm and self-diagnostic function secure safe operation

Biomedical Freezers

Easy to use, Slim & Compact design Biomedical Freezers

Maximum Capacity in minimum installation space. The unique two independent storage area in one cabinet, provide sharing secure freezer storage space.

  • Uniform Temperature & Manual defrost
  • Microprocessor Control and Alarm system
  • High performance built
  • Dual cooling system*