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CO2 Incubators

PHCbi CO2 Incubators are well known throughout the world for its high-quality. Creating successful cell cultures requires an incubator that has an high level of precision, security and is easy to use. PHCbi CO2 Incubator offers a wide variety of cell culture incubators utilizing advanced technology for unprecedented temperature and CO2 (and O2 for some models) control in processing various cell cultures. These CO2 provide long-term performance, are extremely reliable and viable.

In order to prevent contamination, the ultimate enemy of laboratories, Incubators employ an exclusive inCu saFe (copper enriched stainless steel) interior chamber, SafeCell UV (Ultraviolet) lamp system and industry-first H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) decontamination system.

Range of CO2 incubators

PHCbi provides a wide range of CO2 incubators, ranging from a small capacity and volume to a large scale capacity cabinet. All the CO2 incubators are build with the patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket systems, which minimizes the risk of condensation at the present and in the future.