CO2 Incubators

MCO-170AC CO2 Incubator

Effective capacity
Temperature range
+5℃ above ambient to 50℃


Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility

PHCbi CO2 Incubators provide precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. During cell culturing, the inCu-saFe germicidal interior and optional SafeCell UV lamp continuously work to prevent contamination.

Easier to Use & Clean

We have designed our incubators with ease of use and efficiency in mind. By delivering a user friendly cell culture incubator with rapid systems and processes, PHCbi can help make your work as simple as possible. The slide-out perforated stainless steel shelves rest securely in integrated shelf channels molded into the left and right sidewalls, eliminating the need for troublesome shelf brackets and clips. Molded shelf channels reduce the amount of interior parts by up to 80%. Perforated shelves promote natural temperature and gas uniformity.

Unified Graphic Controller

A central intuitive control panel with graphic user interface simplifies operation and improves visibility of key performance parameters. An OLED input/output display creates an ergonomicallyfriendly selection of all functions including temperature and CO2 setpoints and alarm deviation limits for temperature and CO2. A USB data port permits download of logged performance and event information.

Elimination of Condensation & Contamination risk

The innovative Peltier powered dew stick located in the interior chamber draws condensation away from the inner door, outer door and inside inCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel surfaces. The dew stick returns moisture to the humidity reservoir and halts contamination before it can destroy cell cultures. Interior temperature control and uniformity are not affected.

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External Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 730 x 905 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 490 x 523 x 665 mm
Volume 165 liters
Net Weight 74 kg
Temperature Control Range & Fluctuation AT +5 ~ +50, ±0.1 °C
Temperature Uniformity ±0.25 °C
CO2 Control Range & Fluctuation 0 ~ 20, ±0.15 %
O2 Control Range & Fluctuation -
Humidity Level & Fluctuation 95, ±5 %RH
Sterilisation Method -
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
CO2 Sensor Thermal conductivity
O2 Sensor -
Display Digital (white graphic OLED)
Exterior Material Painted Steel (rear cover not painted)
Interior Material Stainless Steel Copper-Enriched Alloy
Insulation Material Styrene AcryloNitrile copolymer
Heating Method Direct Heat & Air Jacket System
Outer Doors 1
Outer Door Lock -
Field Reversible Door Included
Inner Doors 1 (tempered glass)
Shelves 3 x stainless steel copper-enriched alloy
Shelf Dimensions (W x D x H) 470 x 450 x 12 mm
Max. Load Per Shelf 7 kg
Max. Shelf Capacity 10
Access Port 1
Access Port Position Rear Upper Left
Access Port Diameter 30
Power Failure R
Out of Temperature Setting V-B-R
High Temperature V-B-R
Out of CO2 Setting V-B-R
Out of O2 Setting -
Door Open V-B
Power Supply Local
Frequency Local
Noise Level 29 dB


Safe Cell UV system MCO-170UVS-PE/ MCO-170UVS-PA
CO2 gas pressure regulator MCO-010R-PW
Automatic CO2 cylinder changeover system MCO-21GC-PW
Small door MCO-170ID-PW
Tray MCO-170ST-PW
Half tray MCO-25ST-PW
Double stacking bracket MCO-170PS-PW
Stacking plate MCO-170SB-PW
Roller base MCO-170RB-PW
Optional communication systems
Ethernet interface (LAN) MTR-L03-PW
Digital interface (RS232C/RS485) MTR-480-PW
Analogue interface (4-20mA) MCO-420MA-PW


MCO-170AC | MCO-170ACL Price Upon Inquiry. Please contact your local dealers.


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