INCUBATION Product Technology

Dual Heat Sterilisation

Dual heat sterilisation in the MCO-170AICD and MCO-170AICUVD utilises the incubator’s two heaters during the 180°C sterilisation process, which takes 11 hours. There is no effect on temperature inside stacked incubators due to low heat dissipation, so cell culturing can continue uninterrupted. There is no need to remove inner parts or recalibrate after sterilisation, therefore laboratory processes are more efficient with less incubator downtime.

The outer door is locked automatically upon initiation of the decontamination cycle and unlocked upon completion.

  • 11 hours
  • 180°C high heat
  • No need to remove inner parts
  • Incubator electronically locked during decontamination cycle
User safety

To prevent burning during the heat sterilisation cycle the outer door is electronically locked. The top surface temperature of the MCO-170AICD during heat sterilisation is approximately 60°C. 60°C is within the tolerance described in the International Safety Standard IEC61010 10.1 Surface temperature limits for the burn prevention. Safety limit for outer metal is 65°C.


Product Information