PHC Corporation Announces that Indonesia-based Life Science Equipment Subsidiary Established in March by PHC Group Will Begin Full-scale Operations — PT PHC Sales Indonesia will support expansion of PHCbi life science equipment business in Southeast Asia —

PHC Corporation’s Biomedical Division (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuaki Nakamura, hereafter Biomedical Division), provider of PHCbi-branded products including ultra-low temperature freezers and CO2 incubators, announced today that a new subsidiary in Indonesia established in March for sales and servicing of equipment including area in life science has today commenced business activities, after completing relevant requirements such as securing a distribution license for medical devices. The company, PT PHC Sales Indonesia (hereafter PHCSI), a subsidiary of SciMed (Asia) Pte Ltd (headquarters: Singapore, hereafter SciMed) which is in turn wholly owned by PHC Holdings Corporation (hereafter PHCHD), will further reinforce the foundation and facilitate growth of the Biomedical Division’s life science business in Indonesia.

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