Biomedical -40°C Plasma Freezers

MDF-U5412 Biomedical Upright Plasma Freezer

Effective capacity
Temperature range
-20℃ to -40℃


Cost-saving and environmentally friendly fresh frozen plasma storage

This MDF-U5412 Biomedical Plasma Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of vaccines, blood plasma, test samples and specimens. The MDF-U5412 Biomedical Plasma Freezer has a storage environment with excellent safety features, easy operability, and a lot of other features. The MDF-U5412 Biomedical Plasma Freezer offers unsurpassed reliability and functionality for short or intermediate term storage at temperatures as low as -40°C.

Stable & uniform temperature design

  • Double outer doors.
  • Full-height storage containers on each shelf.
  • Cooling tubes under every shelf.
  • Direct cooling system for stable temperature control.
  • Fine-controllable refrigeration circuit with valve.

Large storage capacity

  • 300ml Fresh frozen plasma bag x 280 pieces.

The MDF-U5412 is certified as a Class IIa Medical Device.


  • Built-in door latch for each of the double outer doors
  • Simple calibration via the control panel
  • Visual and audible alarm system
  • A safe, secure and easy to access unit to store your samples
  • High freezing power
  • Environment friendly


  • Stable & Uniform Temperature Design
  • Double outer doors
  • Full-height storage containers on each shelf
  • Cooling tubes under every shelf
  • Direct cooling system for stable temperature control
  • Fine-controllable refrigeration circuit with valve
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • User Friendly Design
  • Built-in door latch for each door
  • Easy calibration through the control panel
  • Visual and Audible Alarm System
  • High & Low temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm with non-volatile memory back up
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Remote alarm contact
  • Re-activating buzzer, lamp and remote alarm contact (30min. after buzzer stops)
  • Standard door lock and independent padlock hasp door latches for extra security
  • Remote monitoring by Data Acquisition System (Option)
  • 1/7/30 days circular recorder (Option)

Product Photos


External Dimensions (W x D x H) 804 x 772 x 1802 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 658 x 607 x 1272 mm
Volume 482 litres
Net Weight 134 kg
Capacity (Aluminium Racks 2” Boxes) -
Capacity (Stainless Steel Racks 2” Boxe) -
Cooling Performance -40 °C
Temperature Setting Range -18 to -45 °C
Temperature Control Range -20 to -40 °C
Controller Micrprocessor
Display LED
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Refrigeration System Direct
Compressors 400 W
Insulation Material PUF
Insulation Thickness 70 mm
Exterior Material Painted Steel
Interior Material Styrol resin
Outer Doors/Lid -
Outer Door Lock Y
Inner Doors/Lid -
Max. Load - Per Shelf U:30/L:30 kg
Max. load - Total 100 kg
Vacuum Release Port -
Access Port -
Access Port Position Back
Access Port Diameter 30
Casters 4 (2 leveling feet)
Power Failure V-B-R
High Temperature V-B-R
Low Temperature V-B-R
Filter -
Door Open -
Power Supply Local
Frequency Local
Noise Level 42 dB [A]


Temperature recorders  
- Circular type (recorder housing) MTR-G85 (MPR-S7)
- Continuous strip type (recorder housing) MTR-4015LH (MPR-S30)
RS485 Interface Module MTR-480


MDF-U5412 The price might vary in country. Please send the inquiry form for getting quotation.


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