(ECO) MPR Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

MPR-S500RH ECO Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Effective capacity
Temperature range
2℃ to 14℃


Natural Refrigerants and Inverter Technology

Hydrocarbon [HC] refrigerants have minimal effect on the environment and are compliant with environmental legislation for climate control. Combined with inverter technology, these refrigerants also provide more efficient cooling without compromising cooling performance, ambient tolerance and recovery time following door openings.

OLED Control Panel

The microprocessor controller and OLED display have good visibility and intuitive operation.
Control buttons allow convenient but secure user control.
Refrigerator temperature can be displayed in 0.1°C increments.
Minimum/maximum temperatures are automatically displayed every 12/24 hours. All alarm conditions are displayed and recorded.

User-friendly Design

The ergonomic design of the MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators provides a clear view of stored items through the large glass door. The slim, hassle-free sliding glass door allows for easy retrieval of products, without the concern for swinging door clearance.
Users can prevent unauthorized access by utilizing the keylock on the door.

Energy-efficient performance

Natural refrigerants, compressors and integrated electronics combine to achieve facility sustainability objectives by minimising any environmental impact without compromising cooling performance, ambient tolerance and recovery time following door openings.


Safe & Secure storage


Adjustable audible and visual alarms are standard, along with integrated system diagnostics and predictive performance supervision. The password-protected control panel provides security and minimises risk of accidental changes.
If desired, alarm and operating history can be uploaded through the USB port.

Enhanced sliding glass door

The sliding glass door is meticulously designed to increase energy efficiency and safeguards stored items against heat transfer through the window. The thermal glass door is constructed from a double glass pane where argon gas is used to fill the 12 mm gap. Together with the air vents near the sliding glass door rail, it prevents the formation of moisture.


Product Photos


External Dimensions (W x D x H) 900 x 650 x 1824 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 510 x 1425 mm
Volume 550 litres
Net Weight 146 kg (MPR-S500RH-PE) /145 kg (MPR-S500RH-PA)
Temperature Setting Range +2 to +14 °C
Temperature Control Range +2 to +14 °C
Controller Microprocessor
Display Digital (White graphic OLED), 1°C (increment of 0.1)
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Cooling Method Forced air circulation
Defrost Method Cyclical defrost (plus forced defrost)
Refrigerant R-600a
Insulation Material PUF (Rigid polyurethane foamed insulation)
Exterior Material Painted steel
Interior Material Painted steel
Outer Doors 2 (Highly insulated double glass door with tempered glass)
Outer Door Lock Y
Shelves 6 coated steel wires
Drawers Hard steel wire x 5
Max. Load - Per Shelf/Drawer 20 kg
Max. Load - Total 220 kg
Access Port 2
Access Port Position Back
Access Port Diameter 30 mm
Casters 4 [2 levelling feet]
Interior Light LED
Power Failure V-B-M-R (Optional MPR-48B2-PW required) [V = Visual Alarm, B = Buzzer Alarm, M = Message, R = Remote Alarm]
High Temperature V-B-M-R [V = Visual Alarm, B = Buzzer Alarm, M = Message, R = Remote Alarm]
Low Temperature V-B-M-R [V = Visual Alarm, B = Buzzer Alarm, M = Message, R = Remote Alarm]
Door Open V-B-M [V = Visual Alarm, B = Buzzer Alarm, M = Message]
Power Supply -PE: 220, 230, 240V/50Hz, -PA: 115V/60Hz
Noise Level 42 dB [A]


Circular type temperature recorder MTR-G04C-PE / MTR-G04A-PA
Continuous strip type temperature recorder MTR-0621LH-PE / MTR-0621LH-PA
Temp. recorder housing MPR-S7-PW (for MTR-G04C series)
MPR-S30-PW (for MTR-0621LH series)
Temp. recorder Chart paper RP-G04-PW (for MTR-G04C series)
RP-06-PW (for MTR-0621LH series)
Ink pen for Circular type temp. recorder PG-R-PW
Battery kit for power failure alarm MPR-48B2-PW
Shelves & Sliding racks MPR-31RR-PW (for lower right side)
MPR-31LR-PW (for lower left side)*
*Must be used in combination with MPR-31RR.
Communications interface MTR-480-PW, MTR-L03-PW
 (only for MTR-5000 user only)


MPR-S500RH The price might vary in country. Please send the inquiry form for getting quotation.


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