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Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare, is located in Zhonghe District in New Taipei City. They began providing services in July 2008.
They are a regional hospital equipped with various advanced instruments, such as the DaVinci Surgical System and Positron Emission Tomography, and offer a complete range of specialized medical services. As of May 2018, Shuang Ho Hospital had 1,258 beds for patients and around 3,000 staff members, as well as an affiliated nursing home and a postpartum nursing home. They provide across-the-board medical care to the people of Zhonghe District and Yonghe District. (Source: Shuang Ho Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare official website)

Taiwan’s Center of Advanced Medicine

Shuang Ho Hospital integrates medical care and clinical research, and has an advanced level of expertise particularly in the areas of IVF, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and nervous systems. To ensure precision and stable quality of its medical services, Shuang Ho Hospital has introduced PHCbi ultra-low temperature freezers, biomedical freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators/freezers and blood bank refrigerators. At present, it already has 22 units of such equipment in use and plans to procure more.

Taiwan’s Center of Advanced Medicine
Stable Product Quality is the Key to Safe Administration of Vaccines and Medicines

“PHCbi biomedical equipment is stable in quality and is very reliable. In addition, the distributor, SIFO, offers perfect after-sale services and the maintenance work they provide is extremely professional and timely,” says Pharmacy Department Section Chief Chang. “In particular, under the circumstances where vaccine storage requires 2-4 weeks, PHCbi equipment allows us to vaccinate people and store medicines or reagents without worry,” she says.

Dependable Product Quality

When it first began operating in 2008, Shuang Ho Hospital purchased just one unit each of the PHCbi (originally Panasonic/Sanyo) ultra-low temperature freezers, blood bank refrigerators and biomedical freezers. Compared with other brands, PHCbi products are highly acclaimed for their stability. For example, in such features as precise temperature retention and comprehensive and extensive functions of the warning system. SIFO also provides professional services. When Shuang Ho Hospital replaced biomedical equipment in recent years, many of the internal departments and sections requested that PHCbi products be preferentially adopted.

Taiwan’s Center of Advanced Medicine
SIFO and PHCbi combine for optimal temperature control expertise

“We are very grateful to SIFO for their professional advice and services,” says Section Chief Chang.
“They were very professional in assisting our hospital establishing an all-new temperature control system and connecting data from PHCbi equipment onto the cloud monitoring system. We are pretty satisfied with PHCbi products and SIFO services so far.”
Almost 40% of the refrigerators at the Pharmacy Department in the hospital are used in combination with PHCbi medicine cabinets. “We will continue to endorse PHCbi products for years to come,” says Section Chief Chang.


Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital Products Delivered to: Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital Address: No.291, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, 23561, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Pharmaceutical refrigerator : 8 x MPR-1411, 1 x MPR-1412, 1 x MPR-1014, 1 x MPR-721, 2 x MPR-215F, 1 x MPR-311D(H), 2 x MPR-161D(H)
  • Blood bank refrigerator : 1 x MBR-1405GR
  • Medical freezer (-30°C) : 2 x MDF-U5312, 1 x MDF-U537
  • Medical freezer (-40°C) : 1 x MDF-U443
  • Ultra-low temperature freezer (-80°C) : 1 x MDF-U53V