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PHCbi's Medical Freezers for Hospitals in Hong Kong

70 units of MDF-U500VX and MDF-U700VX installed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a modern city with a well-developed medical system. The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong manages over 80 public hospitals, and 27,000 beds. There are around 25 hospitals with a Clinical Laboratory Department. Many of these are accredited to the international standards,such as CAP*1, and NATA*2.

We are well recognized as a first class medical refrigeration solution provider. In Hong Kong, our market share in public hospitals is over 50%, and over 1,000 units of Our medical refrigerators and freezers are installed in public hospitals.

The Hong Kong Government highly supports the public medical services. On 2013, they spent the funds for different dept. to replace the old equipments. The commission team of pathology dept. decided to replace 70 sets old Ultra Low Freezer by the funds from Government.

Andy Young, General Manager of Schmidt BioMedTech (HK) Ltd. says space saving and brand preference are important factors in current Hong Kong market. Schmidt BioMedTech’s effort over 40 years contribute to our high brand preference in Hong Kong.

Alan Ho, Sales Manager of Schmidt BioMedTech cites that:
“We have been invited to do the presentation by the commission team member when they apply the funding for replacement.Most of commission members are Panasonic customers and we already have a good relationship with them. We sold many VIP series to them but VX series is relatively new in the market. They think Panasonic is trustable and they are no hesitating to adding the dual cooling into specification. Then, our market on quality evaluation is higher than competitor(sic)”

‘We have the reputation of having the highest mark on the desire feature (quality mark) by dual cooling system to win the tender (sic) ~ By a commission team member.

MDF-U500VX and MDF-U700VX image

The customers also highly appreciate Panasonic delivery; installed and performed the acceptance test for all the freezers according to their schedule. They know that not all potential suppliers are able to produce and perform 100% QC test on 70 sets of ULT Freezers within 2.5 months. Panasonic Healthcare shows they could deliver the highest quality and exceed medical grade standard products even a big the order amount.

‘The freezer are very quiet, and Panasonic improved the user friendly by locate the control panel on the middle of the door (sic)’ ~ A Laboratory Manager of Prince of Wales Hospital, installed with 21 sets freezer from the replacement project.

‘We storage the precious sample and high value reagent in the Panasonic MDF-U500VX (sic) ~ A Laboratory Manager of Queen Mary Hospital, installed with 15 sets freezer from the replacement project.

The critical success factor in this project are the brand preference, high market share with the best quality reference in the industry, leading cooling technology, and moreover, our superior services in the delivery correspondence. We would take the advantage of these facts and keep our string presence in the Hong Kong market.

*1 College of American Pathologists
*2 National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia



The contents above based on the information before April 2018.
On April 1st, 2018, Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. changed the company name to PHC Corporation and our biomedical products are sold under the business brand name PHCbi.